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NATO Warships Exercise With Royal Moroccan Navy

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Maritime Command

October 23, 2013

NATO Group Exercises with Royal Moroccan Navy

SNMG2- PASSEX - Casablanca  21 OCT 2013 (NATO photo by Flt.SGT ARTIGUES/FRAF)

Yesterday, three ships of Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) conducted a multi-faceted passing exercise (PASSEX) with the Moroccan frigate SULTAN MOULAY ISMAIL.

This engagement was the culminating event in a port visit to Casablanca that began Saturday and further enhanced a common understanding between Morocco and NATO. The exercise featured high-speed tactical manoeuvring of the ships off the Moroccan coast.

Led in the formation by SULTAN MOULAY ISMAIL, SNMG2 ships ESPS ALVARO DE BAZAN, FGS SACHSEN, and TCG SALIHREIS conducted various tactical and complex manoeuvres at differing speeds and courses in close formation. This precise coordination had been planned between the NATO and Moroccan crews during the port visit.

Aboard the four warships were observers from each of the participating vessels. It was a unique and professionally rewarding experience for the officers involved. They witnessed every manoeuvre from the bridges of the ships…

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