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Digest: U.S. Syria War To Repeat 1999 War On Yugoslavia: Russian MP

September 9, 2013

Russian lawmaker: US strike on Syria may repeat situation in Belgrade in spring 1999

MOSCOW: The US strike on Syria can repeat the situation in Belgrade in the spring 1999, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Alexei Pushkov said on Monday.

“Even if strikes last for several days, they can be considered massive. Their task is to put out of order all military and civil facilities control systems and command posts,” the lawmaker said.

“We cannot allow the 1999 Belgrade spring to be repeated,” Pushkov said.

“Strikes can be delivered on the international airport in Damascus, military bases, key runaways, air defense facilities and the areas where the Syrian armed forces are deployed,” he said, adding, “It is rather strange to say this will be a limited strike. It’s hypocritical to give a certain message to (Syrian President Bashar) al-Assad.”

“It is evident that the goal of the operation is to weaken the Syrian government in order to allow it to conduct military actions,” the Duma lawmaker said.

September 9, 2013

Russia wants to cooperate with Iran over Syria to avert catastrophic situation in region

MOSCOW: Russia wants to act in cooperation with Iran regarding Syria to avert a catastrophic situation in the region, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said at a meeting with Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian here on Monday.

“The today’s meeting will allow discussing an alarming situation in Syria,” he said. “We are grateful for your assessments to act in cooperation to avert a catastrophic situation in the region,” Bogdanov said.


September 9, 2013

Al-Moallem: Damascus doesn’t understand why Obama backs those who exploded WTC

MOSCOW: Official Damascus doesn’t understand why Obama backs those who exploded at the time the World Trade Center in New York, as said in a statement Syrian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem after meeting Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Monday.

“What comprise true interests of the US that want to launch an aggression in favor of terrorist structures? To launch an aggression in a region that is on a tinderbox?” al-Moallem said. “We question ourselves how Obama can support those who in the time exploded the World Trade Center in New York.”

He also said that diplomatic opportunities for conflict resolution “are not exhausted.” Al-Moallem noted that the US president is not guided by the interests of people.

Syria ready to receive UN inspectors once more

Al-Moallem added that Damascus is prepared to receive the committee over the investigation of the suspected use of chemical weapons once again and to eliminate all pretexts for aggression. “We are also prepared to participate in a Geneva meeting without any preliminary conditions. We are ready to cooperate with our friends from Russia,” he said.

“A political solution is the only correct one. If an aggression takes place, our position will change,” al-Moallem noted.

The UN inspectors should finalize the investigation into the cases of use of chemical weapon in Syria, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after the meeting. The Russian minister stressed “it is necessary to investigate most thoroughly all the reports on use of chemical weapon.”

“We consider as important and timely the statement made by the UN Secretary General that the experts, who investigated the cases of chemical weapon’s use in Syria, should return to that country and finalize their work in compliance with the earlier agreements,” Lavrov said.

“We have agreed to insist on having the UN inspectors return to finalize their work on all cases of chemical weapons use,” the Russian minister said.

“The UN Secretary General has assured us he will return the inspectors soon,” Lavrov added. “We have suspicions somebody may set back the intention, and we shall insist firmly that the inspectors finalize their work.”

Crimes that don’t need any additional proof

Syria does not require any additional efforts to prove the crimes committed there, as terrorists themselves place on the Internet videos showing their crimes, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem noted. Al-Moallem said the Syrian authorities “have sent over 400 letters to the UN Security Council and personally to the secretary general, which contain facts proving crimes of the kind.”

“Every time the respected representatives of the Russian Federation at the UN Security Council are trying to present a draft resolution condemning crimes of the kind, they face attempts from the US, the UK and France to spoil adoption of such statements,” al-Moallem said.

Russia doing its best to prevent aggravation

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after the talks with his Syrian counterpart assured that Russia is undertaking steps to prevent a pernicious situation in the Middle East. “On the background of the unfolding campaign calling to use force against Damascus, Russia is taking steps to prevent a pernicious situation in the Middle East,” he stressed.

“There cannot be any deals behind backs of the Syrian people from the Russian side in what refers to the policies Russia is following,” he said. Lavrov also added that force scenario in Syria would cause a wave of terrorism in the region.

Fate of Geneva-2

Russia is committed to take further efforts to persuade the Syrian opposition that there is no alternative to an international conference on Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, which is seen by the United States and other countries as a chief opposition force, has been blocking the realization of the Russia-US initiative of May 7, Lavrov noted. “Efforts to convene a Geneva-2 conference are to no avail so far through the fault of neither Russia nor Damascus. The National Coalition backed by the United States and some other countries is not supporting the Russia-US initiative to convene such conference, and they either can’t or do not want to talk the Coalition to do that,” he said. “We do not think that anyone has the right to monopolize the work with any structure. Russia has had contacts with all opposition groups without any exceptions. We will continue these efforts, trying to persuade them that there is no alternative to an international conference.”

Lavrov said: “We expect analogical statements to be made by the opposition (on their agreement to take part in the Geneva-2 conference) in compliance with the Russian-American initiative of May 7, 2013.”

“We urge our American colleagues to concentrate efforts resolving the conflict by peaceful means,” he added.

“We will continue to take efforts to avert a military intervention,” Lavrov noted. “I would not like to proceed from a negative scenario,” he said. “If military strikes are delivered after all, according to most specialists, who address the Syrian problem closely, the chances to hold a conference Geneva-2 will be undermined,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.

In his words, if the United States is truly concerned over the problem of stopping the spread and use of chemical weapons, “this problem may be settled.”

“More and more responsible statesmen share our views that the use of force will lead to growing terrorism and increasing refugees. We voice concern about the fate of the region and Russian citizens, who live and work in Syria and whose lives can be posed a threat to,” Lavrov said.

“Our interlocutors have said Damascus is ready to approve this initiative. Our work is based on the norms of international law. This is related to the need to investigate the use of chemical weapons. I remind you that the G8 leaders agreed that any reports should be studied by specialists and the results should be submitted to the U.N. Security Council,” the minister said.

“The Syrian partners and we are convinced that there are chances to settle the conflict by political means. Walid al-Moallem has confirmed Syria’s readiness to take part in the conference in order to search for consent with the opposition in accordance with the Geneva communique of June 30, 2012,” Lavrov said.

During the meeting, the sides agreed that Moscow and Damascus are sure there remain options for a political settlement in Syria.

“Though the situation is very serious, we and our Syrian counterparts are sure there still remain options for a political settlement,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov added that Russia is ready to invite to Moscow all the parties interested in the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Russia to continue providing humanitarian aid

Russia will continue humanitarian assistance to the Syrian population, Russian Foreign Minister pledged.

“The humanitarian situation in Syria is deteriorating,” he said. “Russia, both as a member of international organization and independently, will continue to help the Syrian people.”

He stressed that the humanitarian situation in Syria could be relieved without the use of force.


September 9, 2013

U.S. missiles could undermine Geneva II conference – Syrian foreign minister

MOSCOW: A U.S. military strike against Syria could disrupt plans to call the Geneva II conference, even though Damascus is prepared to take part in the conference without preconditions.

“We have more than once confirmed our readiness to participate in the Geneva II conference without preconditions,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said before talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday,


September 9, 2013

Lavrov: there is sufficient evidence of Syrian militants’ use of chemical arms

MOSCOW: There is evidence to confirm that Syrian militants have used chemical weapons, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“In my opinion, the evidence is plentiful. There are eyewitness testimonies of the outrageous actions of armed militants; there are videos which are posted online by the militants themselves so that they can boast of their conduct,” Lavrov replied to a press question if Russia had proof of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian militants.

“In addition, there are professional opinions, for instance, the opinion of International Commission member Carla del Ponte who said that she had information about the use of chemical warfare agents by the militants,” the minister said.


September 9, 2013

Lavrov: Enough proof of rebels’ crimes in Syria

MOSCOW: There is enough proof that the opposition committed crimes, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“There is enough proof of the crimes that armed militants are committing. There are video pictures showing that militants commend their behavior,” Lavrov said.

At the same time, the minister said, “there are professional assessments, given, for example, by member of the International Commission Carla Del Ponte saying there are data on the use of chemical toxic agents by militants.”

“Finally there are the facts of August 21 proving that the incident was orchestrated,” he added.


September 9, 2013

Russia’s Duma to pass statement on Syria at forthcoming session

MOSCOW: Russia’s State Duma is going to adopt a statement on Syria at one of the plenary meetings shortly after the start of the autumn session, which begins September 10, the house Speaker, Sergei Naryshkin told reporters Monday.

“Undoubtedly, we hope to get a reaction from our US counterparts,” he said, adding that the Russian MPs had offered US congressmen and Senators to hold a direct dialogue for discussing the crisis and had formed a special delegation for a visit to Washington for this discussion.

“Unfortunately, our American partners evaded that dialogue and we regard this as a weakness of the US Congress positions on the issue,” Naryshkin said. “I don’t rule out they themselves have a faint trust or no trust at all in the assertions of the U.S. Administration that chemical weapons were used in Syria by government forces.”

“Quite possibly, the Congressmen and Senators still remember the notorious test tube and everything related to it as a forged pretext for intervention in Iraq,” he said.

Naryshkin admitted that the situation in Syria remains highly complicated. “If military force is used from the outside, it will inflict a very serious damage on the UN and the entire system of global security,” he said.

Naryshkin recalled that the number of countries, which had spoken against military intervention in Syria at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg a few days ago, was much bigger that the number of the advocates of intervention.


September 9, 2013

U.S. Congress’ position breaks contacts with Russian parliament – Pushkov

MOSCOW: The U.S. Congress’s position has actually ruptured inter-parliamentary communication with Russia, said chairman of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov.

“The American reaction to Russian lawmakers’ readiness to arrive in Washington for consultations on Syria is actually breaking our contacts. It is difficult to imagine that these contacts could be resumed in the near future,” Pushkov told reporters on Monday.

The Congress leaders earlier refused to receive Russian lawmakers for consultations on the situation in Syria.


September 9, 2013

Lavrov: Moscow worried about Russians in Syria

MOSCOW: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed concern about Russian citizens who live and work in Syria, whose safety may be jeopardized by a possible military strike.

“We cannot help but worry about Russian citizens who live and work in Syria, as their lives and health may be jeopardized,” he told a Monday press conference in Moscow after negotiations with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mualem.

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