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Russian Senator: Syria Is U.S.’s Next Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya

September 3, 2012

U.S. strike on Syria will deal blow to intl security – Russian senator

MOSCOW: A missile strike against Syria without the UN Security Council’s go-ahead would be tantamount to a declaration of war against Damascus and a blow to international security and the world order, said chairman of the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee Viktor Ozerov.

“If we recognize the supremacy of international law and the sovereignty of UN member-states, the start of a U.S. military action against Syria bypassing the UN Security Council could only mean one thing: another American aggression against an Arab state torn apart by civil war,” Ozerov told Interfax-AVN on Tuesday.

It would also deal a blow against the world order, on international law and on the nonproliferation principles which Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama will trample underfoot if he launches a military action, Ozerov also said.

“The aftermath of U.S. aggressive operations are still fresh in our memory: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya…The list could be extended. No arguments can be accepted here in defense of democracy or human rights. What is really happening is that Washington cannot agree that countries exist that do not want to dance to its tune or play by its rules,” the Russian senator said.

“The political-diplomatic plan for settling the Syrian crisis remains on the negotiating table due to efforts being made by Russia, China and sober-minded Western politicians and lawmakers. How long will it remain there? I pin much hope on parliamentary diplomacy, which will play a certain if not decisive role in easing tensions surrounding Syria,” Ozerov said.

The upcoming meeting in Washington between Russian lawmakers and American congressmen on the initiative of both houses of the Russian parliament will hopefully become one more argument in favor of a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria, he said.

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