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U.S. Air Force: Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power For America

U.S. Air Forces in Europe
August 23, 2013

AF leaders cite Airmen as bedrock in new core mission document
Air Force Press Services


WASHINGTON: The Air Force released a new document explaining how the service provides airpower for America – titled “Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power for America.”

The paper follows the January release of the Air Force’s Vision, “World’s Greatest Air Force – Powered by Airmen, Fueled By Innovation,” which focuses on Airmen.

Building upon the vision, this paper explores the Air Force’s five enduring core missions – air and space superiority; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; rapid global mobility; global strike; and command and control – and explains how innovative Airmen bring them together to provide Global Vigilance, Global Reach and Global Power for America.

“You’re the foundation of our success,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “We will remain the world’s greatest Air Force because you’ll make sure we do, and that when challenges arise you’ll figure out smarter and better ways to get the job done… you always have and I know you always will.”

Welsh introduces the document and emphasizes that the core missions of the Air Force have not changed since 1947, but what has changed is how the Air Force performs these missions.

“We now fly faster, farther, and higher than ever before using aircraft and spacecraft that no one could have imagined at the time of our Service’s creation,” he said.

But the effectiveness of these core missions comes directly from the power of Airmen.

You do them better than anybody in the history of warfare,” Welsh said. “Thank you for who you are, thank you for what you do, and thank you for how well you do it.”

Welsh ends his message with a call to Airmen to find themselves in the text, “This document is intended to tell you about what your Air Force does, but more importantly it’s “intended to let you see where you fit in it – an incredibly critical role that you play.”

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  1. AR
    August 23, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    The American Luftwaffe has spoken: Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power … Global Empire for America.

    America Uber Alles!

    • Yama
      August 26, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      You display your lack of knowledge…what nation has the US “taken over?” As has been said, from the world wars to now, the only thing we’ve EVER asked for is a place to bury our dead. Doesn’t sound like an empire to me.

      • richardrozoff
        August 26, 2013 at 10:11 pm

        I fail to see the origin of your observation/accusation about my presumably stating the U.S. has taken over other nations.
        However, it’s fairly incontestable that almost every square inch of my nation, continental and oceanic/territorial, was in fact taken over from someone else. If that practice doesn’t constitute an imperial project, what does?

  2. Kathleen
    August 27, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Things the US or US led NATO has “asked for”

    1) A broken up Yugoslavia, encouraged by forced economic changes, secession/sedition encouragement, control of media, seizure of state assets, places to dump depleted uranium
    2) An aerial bombardment of Libya and reversal of its successful projects and a place to flood Africa and Syria with weapons, more places to dump DU and EU, control of oil and water assets
    3) Alignment of former Soviet bloc countries into US led NATO, suppression of populations not in agreement like Ossetia and Krajina
    4) A strategic location for Camp Bondsteel
    5) troops for war in Afghanistan
    6) An African continent location for Africom
    7) oil trading only in US dollars
    8) A place to put Patriot missiles aimed at Syria
    9) Places to put missile “defense” hardware all over Europe + a commitment of % GDP for military industry spending
    10) Saipan to rent for military use
    11) Numerous heads of state to step down with population agreement irrelevant

    Soon to be #12: Ask for/take control of Suez canal

    • richardrozoff
      August 27, 2013 at 9:20 pm

      You have provided perhaps the precise overlay that is being used by Western strategists.

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