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Mongolia: U.S. Pacific Command Kicks Off Military Exercises

U.S. Marine Corps
August 8, 2013

Khaan Quest 2013 begins
By Sgt. Ben Eberle
Marine Corps Installations Pacific


FIVE HILLS TRAINING AREA, Mongolia:- The 11th iteration of Exercise Khaan Quest officially started Aug. 3 as military leaders and senior government officials from Mongolia, the U.S., and other regional partners gathered for an opening ceremony.

Khaan Quest is one of the largest peacekeeping and stability exercises and has played a part in training thousands of service members from around the world.

“Khaan Quest has become one of the signature training events for the participating nations,” said Mongolian Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Ts. Byambajav, chief of general staff for the MAF. “At this moment we have more than 150,000 international peacekeeping troops performing their duties overseas…this is a result of the Khaan Quest exercises.”

Approximately 1,000 military personnel from 13 nations are taking part in both a platoon-level field training exercise, which enhances peacekeeping skills for multinational troops on a tactical level, and a battalion-level command post exercise, which sharpens decision-making capabilities during peacekeeping operations by exercising scenario-based missions.


U.S. Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, joined Piper Campbell, U.S. ambassador to Mongolia, as part of the international delegation at the opening ceremony. Locklear emphasized the importance of building interoperability between the participating nations.

Following remarks from Mongolian Prime Minister Norovyn Altankhuyag, platoons from Mongolia, Nepal, Republic of Korea, Tajikistan and the U.S. marched during a pass-and-review, saluting the international delegation, while Mongolian paratroopers slowly descended into a nearby field.

The ceremony concluded with a performance by MAF cavalry troops, displaying precision riding expertise as they executed drill movements on horseback.

Despite mostly sunny skies, a light drizzle began to fall as U.S. and Mongolian military leaders toured the area after the ceremony…

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