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McCain: Expand NATO, Missile Deployments To Punish Russia

Civil Georgia
August 2, 2013

McCain calls for revising relations with Russia

US Senator John McCain disapproves whistleblower Edward Snowden’s newly-acquired asylum, and demands that Washington re-examine its relations with Moscow and `strip away the illusions that many Americans have had about Russia.`

Following the news of Snowden’s one-year asylum status in Russia, McCain released an angry statement in which he condemns the “disgraceful” actions of President Vladimir Putin.

`Russia’s action today is a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the United States. It is a slap in the face of all Americans. Now is the time to fundamentally rethink our relationship with Putin’s Russia. We need to deal with the Russia that is, not the Russia we might wish for.`

McCain urges his government to act against Russia and seek `repercussions` for granting the 30-year-old whistleblower temporary political asylum. He proceeded to describe the steps the US should take to penalize Moscow in ways unrelated to the Snowden case.

`We should push for the completion of all phases of our missile defense programs in Europe, and move expeditiously on another round of NATO expansion, including the Republic of Georgia,` the statement published on the Senator`s official website says.

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  1. Walter DuBlanica
    August 2, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Johnny is a bit “fruity”. He needs to retire.

  2. rosemerry
    August 2, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    How many alleged victims has the USA welcomed? from “enemy” countries? How many eg Cubans are really criminals like Luis Posada who live freely in the USA? Who is the USA to pretend it is acting fairly? Its treatment of other whistleblowers show how dangerous speaking out is in the “land of the free”.

    • richardrozoff
      August 2, 2013 at 9:28 pm

      Vital point you make. The duplicity and hypocrisy reek to the high heavens.

  3. AR
    August 3, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Madman McCain’s comments are only a more naked expression of the American Empire as a whole and its psychopathic mentality You see similar comments threatening “punishment” from the American political class and media in general.

    The United States is a like a mass murderer who tries to self-righteously posture as a moral judge and jury of everyone else. But when his crimes are exposed and his mask of morality is shredded for all the world to see, this American murderer becomes unhinged and lashes out in fits of rage.

    That is why America is so upset by Snowden and his asylum in Russia.

  4. Mark
    August 6, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    If I came face to face with Minister McCain I would say this, “Stop blaming the Whistleblowers for providing their fellow citizens with the transparency that this government is suppose to provide, but doesn’t. They don’t because everything has become secretive and it takes a Whisleblower to put their lives on the line to come forward so as to divulge the illegal undertakings that you yourself endorse which thereby makes you an enemy of the state you say you love. People like Edward Snowden, are the real American heroes, the true patriots unlike yourself and most you work closely with on both sides of the crooked aisle. Like yourself, these people, as well as the Presidential puppet, those who truly run the government who we never see, Vice President, the military generals, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI and every other government agency whose employees remain silent, all of you are the real traitors. Don’t put the blame on Putin and try to divert blame from government’s illegal practices of which this government does so well. He hasn’t done what he’s done to embarrass the United States. The United States embarrassed itself because you all got caught. To threaten a country with missile deployment because they refused to send an innocent man back to face what clearly would be an injustice, a man whose only crime is that he made the entire world aware of your own country’s government’s illegal activities, not just against it’s own people, but against their own allies, their own “best friends.”. So you sir, with all undue respect, are not only an enemy of this state and of the people, but you’ve also made my country an enemy of the world. With that, I say thank you and may God Bless America………….and because you and these friends of yours on both sides of the crooked aisle no longer represent me or the country that I love, that excludes you and it excludes them for if there truly is a God, he’s not one who looks kindly at tyranny and most definitely played a role in defeating Germany in World War II. And it’s my hope sir, that when the people of this great nation rise up and stand together to take back what is rightfully theirs, that you don’t deploy and aim your missiles at them to protect yourselves from prosecution. The American Revolution shows us that we,the people of this country are able to overcome great odds and that we,the people……always……win.

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