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Pentagon Shepherding Bosnia Into NATO

United States European Command
May 17, 2013

Firm support for NATO and EU integration efforts


NATO HQ Sarajevo: BiH Minister of Defence Zekerijah Osmić paid a visit to the Pentagon where he met with US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, Fena reported. Osmić noted that a way out of the current impasse in the NATO integration process, meeting the MAP condition, ensuring the continuation of reforms, strengthening of AFBiH demining and civil support operation capabilities, and further participation in international peace support operations, particularly the ISAF mission, are immediate BiH MoD and AFBiH priorities.

US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel congratulated Bosnia for its deployment of an AFBiH Military Police unit to the ISAF mission where they are now contributing to NATO’s efforts [in]Afghanistan.

He also noted the importance of BiH and Maryland’s cooperation that, within their State Partnership, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Secretary Hagel reiterated the United States’ commitment to Bosnia’s progress toward NATO and EU integration, fulfilling the requirement for the activation of the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), further logistics reform, and the continuation of the overall reform process in the BiH defence establishment.

The meeting was also attended by Jadranka Negodić, BiH Ambassador to the US; Major General Anto Jeleč, acting AFBiH Chief of Staff; Brigadier General Dragan Vuković, acting Commander of the AFBiH Operational Command; Zoran Šajinović, Assistant Minister of Defence for International Cooperation; and LTC Božo Skopljaković, BiH Defence Attaché to the US.

On behalf of the US Department of Defence and Armed Forces, the meeting was also attended by Admiral James Winnefeld, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; James Miller, Under Secretary of Defence for Policy; Derek Chollet, Assistant Secretary of Defence, Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence; and Colonel Scott Miller, US Defence Attaché to BiH, reads a BiH MoD press release.

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  1. Michael
    May 17, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Joy and jubilation!
    Der Fuhrer would have been proud that “Bosnishe Staat” returned to his fold after almost 7 decades…..”Eine Bosnishe Staat und eine Bosnishe flagge” BUT which Bosnian state and which Bosnian flag?
    Zis, zat or zis one!?

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