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Interview: U.S. Replicates Afghan Model In Middle East, North Africa

Voice of Russia
February 28, 2013

‘I salute the former Soviet Union’ – interview with Dr. Zalmay Gulzad
John Robles


The former Soviet Union built everything in Afghanistan including the bases which the U.S. is now occupying. The United States is supporting radical Islamic groups, including Chechen terrorists, to destabilize countries they are targetting. Syria is the most progressive secular country in the Muslim world yet is being attacked by the West and all of the U.S. actions are back-firing on them; they believe that quick victory is the proper route. They are worng. All of theses issues were discussed in an interview with Dr. Zalmay Gulzad, an Afghan native who teaches political science at Harold Washington College in Chicago.

Part 1

Gulzad: The point is that what the United States is doing and NATO is doing: they want to prolong this war with the collaboration of the Pakistani army. The very government in Pakistan is a joke, it’s silly, is nothing. The decisions are made by the military; the military is with the United States.

Robles: What are the reasons, I mean, why does the US want to be in Afghanistan and in your opinion, resources or what?

Gulzad: It is very important geopolitically and I will tell you why. Afghanistan is now very poor and I salute the Soviet people because the Soviet Union (the former Soviet Union) because Afghanistan has so many resources and now they have revealed how many resources they have. The Soviet Union did not take any of it. They did not take advantage of it, because we have petroleum, we have copper, we have so many things now.

They gave the biggest copper mine to the Chinese now, and in central Afghanistan they have steel and all that kind of stuff.

So anyway, the reason that United States wants to prolong this war and stay there is because, first of all, we have a 150-mile border with China. Then we are very close to Russia, if you pass Tajikistan, it’s Russia, and then we have Iran, then we have the Persian Gulf, so Afghanistan is a very important.

Now I’ll tell you that these bases that United States is using today which were made by the Soviet Union. One in the north of Afghanistan is an American base now. Shindand, the Soviet Union built it, it is bordering with Iran and Pakistan. Then Kandahar, then you have Bagram, which is north of Kabul, now they are building a base almost everywhere including Badakhshan. Badakhshan is not too far from Tajikistan and the Chinese border.

And also the United States is supporting the Uyghur Muslim group and Tajiks in Xinjiang Province, which is bordering Afghanistan. They are making trouble for the Chinese Muslims. And also the United States is supporting the Chechen group in Russia.

Robles: Which group did you say in Russia?

Gulzad: In Russia, the Chechen group.

Robles: Sure.

Gulzad: And also in China they are supporting Uyghur and Tadjiks.

Robles: I think they would support any group that will destabilize or weaken any country that they want to attack, I think.

Gulzad: Absolutely. My point is that when they are saying that the Cold War is over, they were anti-communists. What the hell? I mean today Russia is not a Communist country.

Robles: No, we are not.

Gulzad: But the point is that United States has a phobia and they want to be the imperialist power. What they are doing with the world today, my God!!

I always discuss with my colleagues here that: Okay, how many countries did the Soviet Union invade? How many countries has the United States invaded in our lifetime? How many wars? Just recently: Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, for no reason, for no reason.

Robles: Iraq, Iran, the list goes on and on.

Gulzad: In Syria, they want to know, why doesn’t the United States want to – if they are such champions of human rights and democracy – why don’t they say anything about Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, all these kingdoms?

Robles: Sure.

Gulzad: Why Syria? Syria is a more secular, more progressive country.

Robles: I don’t understand… Okay Syria; they were just attacked, about 50 people, this was yesterday, 53 people are said to have been dead by an al-Qaeda group.

Israel is bombing Syria, and the United States, so we have Israel, al-Qaeda and the United States working together (Working together right?) to destroy Syria. Doesn’t that seem strange?

Gulzad: Absolutely. And how it’s backfiring!! Let me tell you something. Just a few months ago I gave an interview on American television here, on the so-called Arab Spring. So what’s happened? I told them, the United States is not supporting the progressive group, intellectuals. They don’t have to be left group but just regular progressive, secular groups.

What they did, they supported the most radical Islamist group, the problem was Mubarak, because they were sick and tired of Mubarak. They wanted to find a new puppet. What happened is it backfired. Guess what? Who won? The Islamic fundamentalists.

In Libya they did the same thing because they are too stupid here because they think that quick victory will bring them happiness and glory. So, what they did in Libya. they did the same thing. Guess who took over? Islamic fundamentalists.

This is what happened in Tunisia: Islamic fundamentalists.

Right now, yesterday, the Congress of the United States decided to give millions of dollars to the radicals of Syria. They are not giving it to intellectuals, to secular groups, though they claim that they are fighting for democracy and secular regimes. But they are giving it to them because they want to get overthrough…

A lot of this is backfiring, so thre, four countries backfired on them. And then after Syria, mark my words for it, it is Iran. It’s not that I love Iran, Iran regime is a fascist regime, but my point is that the United States will go there because if you look from Morocco to Iran, to Afghanistan, to India and everything, guess what? All of them are pro-American except Iran and Syria. These two places are not puppets.

And the expansion of NATO, against who? Now the Warsaw Pact is not there! Against who? Why do you expand this? You took Saakashvili from Chicago. Do you know Saakashvili is from Chicago, he was a lawyer here, they picked him up and made him the president of Georgia, and now they find another puppet. Do you know that Karzai’s brother had a restaurant in Chicago? They picked him up from Chicago and gave him the same thing.

Robles: Bashar Assad was a dentist in London. I couldn’t understand why they went against him.

Gulzad: It is amazing, isn’t it? If you look at Lithuania, so many places, look at Ukraine, the guy who was the former president of Ukraine, his wife was from the United States, from Chicago.

Robles: I’ve talked to many people and it seems like most of the world is being controlled by some part of Chicago for some reason.

Gulzad: Chicago is the mafia city. It is just amazing.

Robles: Now listen, here is a hypothetical that I don’t think anyone has ever talked about, but… You say the plan is backfiring. We see, everybody sees: ok, they are funding these terrorists, they are promoting terrorism actually. They are creating more terrorists. They are financing radical-Islamic-violent-people, right?

Gulzad: Absolutely.

Robles: Is it possible that that is what they want?

Gulzad: Well, they want to destabilize their enemy. The only way you can weaken a country and society is with a civil war, and how you do it? Like for example in China, you promote Tibet, you promote the idea of Islamist Uyghur and Tajiks, it’s one problem.

You go to Russia, make Russia very busy with the terrorists through Georgia, which Sakashvili was helping. From Georgia you head then to Dagestan, and the Chechen area and you could create problems for Russia. That is the only way, see?

And then you make excuses that I am staying in Afghanistan because the Taliban are still in power and al-Qaeda is still alive.

Robles: That is what I am talking about. And then they can continue the endless War on Terror because they keep creating more and more terrorists themselves.

Gulzad: You know there is a theory, the weak countries in the world, what they do is they are diverting attention from the inside misery of the people, from internal forces because inside it is empty and miserable and worse economy, so what they do they tell the people that outside is going to…

That’s the history of United States, think about it. Castro is going to attack Florida. The Soviet Union is going to come and get us. The Russians are coming. Okay? Then Saddam Hussein is going to come and invade the United States. Then they created this man, this stupid man with a beard called Osama, Bin Laden, okay?

So, what they did, they made Americans wave the flag! “We are Americans!” And the became very patriotic and all this. So, they continue finding these external unbelievable forces.

And their motive is this: as I said before and just recently I gave another interview, that what they want to do is they want to stay in Afghanistan. They want to stay in Iraq. Permanently. They will stay in Afghanistan because of Russia, because of China, because of the BRICs: China, India, and Russia, in this part of the world.

Plus they don’t like Iran, so they want to destabilize Iran through Afghanistan. These are all excuses.

Where are these terrorists? If you want to finish this thing, tomorrow you tell Pakistan that: “You will not get a penny.” Pakistan is a very poor country, and it is all over, give me these terrorist groups, one by one.

You were listening to an interview with Dr. Zalmay Gulzad, a Professor at Harold Washington College in Chicago. Thanks for listening, and as always I wish you the best.

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  1. Kathleen
    March 2, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Robles: …They are creating more terrorists. They are financing radical-Islamic-violent-people, right? Is it possible that that is what they want?

    Gulzad: Well, they want to destabilize their enemy…

    Chossadovsky has his own terminology for destabilization using insurgents:

    We trained them in these CIA camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We set up the religious schools, the madrassas. We then contracted with our friends in Saudi Arabia to send in Wahhabi missions in Afghanistan to train these people. This is fairly well documented…

    The blowback, I can tell you that the blowback is a fabrication. It is an absolute fabrication… Well, yes Bin Laden’s whereabouts had always been known, why, because AlQaeda is a CIA intelligence Asset and has always been an intelligence Asset and continues to be an intelligence Asset. So there is no blowback and I will argue there is a blow forward. There is a blow forward. I will discuss that later. The blow forward has to do with the fact that the main ally of NATO in the war theatre in Libya is AlQaeda. There is absolutely no ambiguity with regard to that because CNN is actually acknowledging it, but they say “they are not AlQaeda they are former AlQaeda but now they are pro-democracy.”
    …they were air lifted in military planes and they were taken to northwest Pakistan, Waziristan, and that constitutes a new frontier which today is the object of the drone attacks. This is a very diabolical operation. You have to sustain these organizations as enemies of America but also as Assets.

    Michel Chossudovsky
    Toronto Hearings from September 2011.

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