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Syria: Israel Launches Deadly Air Raid On Military Facility

Russian Information Agency Novosti
January 31, 2013

Syria Says Israel Strikes Military Facility

BEIRUT: An Israeli airstrike hit a military research center in Syria on Wednesday, Syrian state news agency SANA reported, citing a statement by the Syrian army’s general command.

“Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace at dawn today and carried out a direct airstrike on our scientific and research center, which works to raise our resistance and self-defense,” the statement reads.

Syrian state TV said two people were killed and five injured in an airstrike on the Jamraya military research center northwest of the capital Damascus.

The building was seriously damaged during the airstrike.

Western media reported earlier on Wednesday that the Israeli military aviation hit targets on the Syrian-Lebanese border.


Xinhua News Agency
January 31, 2013

Israeli airstrike targeted science facility near Syrian capital: military

DAMASCUS: Israeli war jets sneaked off radars and hit a center for scientific research in a suburb of Syrian capital Damascus at dawn Wednesday, the General Command of the Syrian Military said in a statement.

The military statement, splashed in a thick red news bar on the state-TV, said the Israeli fighter jets penetrated at dawn Wednesday the Syrian airspace and directly struck one of the country’s scientific research center located in the Jumraya suburb of the capital.

The attack came after many unsuccessful attempts by the “armed terrorist groups” to capture this site over the past months, the military statement said, hinting that the Israeli air raid played in the hands of the rebels.

It said the facility was responsible for lifting up the level of resistance and self-defense, adding that the attack led to the killing of two workers and the wounding of five others.

The war jets sneaked in from the border region of al-Shaikh Mountain at a law altitude and under the radar and headed toward Jumraya, said the statement, which totally rubbished as unfounded media reports claiming that the airstrike targeted a convoy that was allegedly heading from Syria to Lebanon.

Decrying the move as “flagrant intervention” to the Syrian airspace, the military contended that Israel is the driving force and beneficiary of the terrorist acts committed in Syria with the partnership of Qatar and Turkey.

It said that the Israeli move would not dissuade Syria from keeping on supporting the resistance movements, the foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.

While condemning the move, the military statement said nothing about a possible payback for the Israeli aggression.

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  1. Michael
    January 31, 2013 at 1:00 am

    Will the UN dispatch NATO to retaliate and stop Israeli war aggressions against syria and Lebanon?!
    If NOT why NOT?!!!!


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