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NATO’s Africa Medal: Dutch Submarine In River Thames

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
December 20, 2012

Netherlands Submarine Crew in River Thames Visit
HNLMS Bruinvis crew awarded NATO medal for counter piracy mission

HNLMS Bruinvis

Yesterday, the crew of the Dutch submarine, HNLMS Bruinvis, were awarded NATO’s Africa medal for their work as part of NATO’s counter piracy mission, Operation Ocean Shield. The submarine made a scheduled visit to London, berthing at Canary Wharf.

The medal ceremony took place at Canary Wharf and was attended by Rear Admiral Ian Corder (RN) Commander of NATO’s Submarine Force and Major General (RN Marine Corps) Rob Verkerk, Deputy Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy. They were joined by members of the merchant shipping community.

Before awarding the crew their medals with Maj Gen Verkerk, RAdm Corder said

“During your deployment you’ve sailed an extensive amount of sea miles. Your operations have pushed both you and your boat towards the endurance limits of the WALRUS class submarine. Your professionalism and enthusiasm gave both NATO and the Dutch submarine service a position where they’ve used your capabilities with all available confidence. With your integration in the NATO counter piracy task force and your support to task forces you have contributed in an extensive way to the counter piracy effort.

“Although the counter piracy mission may look different from more traditional submarine missions, you’ve proven again the invaluable contribution of a submarine in the NATO counter piracy effort.”

The crew will remain in London for another day before heading home to Den Helder where they will be reunited with family and friends shortly before Christmas.

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