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Russian Foreign Minister: West Reprises Yugoslav, Iraqi, Libyan Models In Syria

December 22, 2012

Al-Assad overthrow not end war in Syria – Lavrov

MOSCOW: Western special services predict that the overthrown of Bashar al-Assad will not end the war in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists on Saturday.

“Western special services say the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad will not stop the bloodshed in Syria. This is a country where various ethnic groups and religions coexisted for many thousands of years. To destroy all to overthrow only one person…We observed such events in Yugoslavia and Iraq and we observed what had happened in Libya because Al-Gaddafi’s head was needed,” Lavrov said.

“One cannot simply say – the Arab Spring, democratisation, the drive for the better life – how childish. A serious political analysis is really lacking,” the Russian foreign minister noted.

He confirmed that Russia did not intend to give al-Assad political asylum. “Russia said we had not invited al-Assad. We have no such plans. Certain countries of the region addressed us: ‘Tell al-Assad we are ready to accept him’. But we replied: ‘What does this come in? If we have such plan, address directly’,” Lavrov said.

He recalled that al-Assad himself made a statement saying he was not going to resign. Lavrov referred to al-Assad saying even if Russia or China invited him, he would die in Syria.

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  1. Kathleen
    December 23, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    It is inexpressibly sinister to encourage countries to destroy themselves. That is what western countries, led by the United States, have done, in all three cases. The level of economic and media subversion*, training and logistical direction by the CIA, direct involvement of military, mercenary hiring, all manner of weapons funding, and deadly economic sanctions should become common knowledge to every American. Most US citizens are ignorant of those facts, and mouth anything from platitudes to disbelief when they are introduced to them. “That’s to keep us safe.” “Our troops are there for peace and freedom.” “Stop going to conspiracy websites.” And often anything from mistrust or blatant hatred for various refugee groups and whole nations. Is that really what comes with the “born and raised in the USA” label? Cold war babies can only blame the media for so long for political and historical ignorance…educate yourself.

    Serious political analysis? Why cant the US have a Lavrov? We do not even have presidential candidates worthy of our vote. The appointments need to be democratised. Our babas and maybe a few good high schoolers could do better with foreign policy decisions, and will not be beholden to whoever it is that owns OUR COUNTRY. Let the men and men-like women step aside. The ruling parties are not going to straighten out OUR country. Stop waiting for that to happen. The grassroots need to start pushing back and expecting better. Draw your own red line and demonstrate that weapons, warfare and the evil that go with it are not ok with good Americans.

    The photographs of destruction in Syria are heart wrenching. The good people of Syria need our love and help, no more weapons or encouragement for rebels, they are nobodys friend, let alone “legitimate government.” They dont even love themself if they want to kill for money, how sinister of the west to provide that temptation.

    * “To Kill a Nation” Michael Parenti

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