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West Unleashes Libya-Style Terrorism On Syria: Russian Expert

Voice of Russia
December 19, 2012

Libya-style terrorism in store for Syria
Andrei Ontikov

Unveiling the latest State Department report on terrorism in Washington this week, the Department’s counter-terror coordinator Daniel Benjamin said the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya in an attack on the US Benghazi consulate in September became possible after the fall of the Gaddafi regime created conditions for a proliferation of terror groups.

He also said he feared a similar pattern in Syria might emerge.

Dr. Konstantin Sivkov is Vice President of Russia’s Geopolitics Academy:

“Indeed, blaming people other than terrorists for the Benghazi attack would be awkward and illogical. But this said, why on earth did the US and their NATO allies throw their weight behind the rebels who toppled the legitimate government of Muammar Gaddafi and created conditions for a rise of terrorism?

“It is also true that Syria is becoming another Libya. The insurgency there is dominated by radical groups affiliated to Al Qaeda. This, however, does not prevent the US from backing the rebels. Double standards are apparently at work: terrorists who blow in the sails of the West are treated by Western countries very favourably.”

At the same time, Washington cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Syrian rebels, including the recent killing of dozens of school students by rebel mortar shells in a village near Damascus. For this reason, it has started to differentiate between ‘the opposition’ and ‘the terrorists’ in rebel ranks. For instance, the US has already included the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front group in its list of terror groups.

The Syrian opposition didn’t like this.

This is what opposition activist Muheddin Lazkani, who attended the Morocco meeting of The Friends of Syria, had to say in his recent interview with an Arabic-language American television network:

“We can’t see any difference between people who shoot their guns at regime soldiers. We are convinced that they are all patriots and defenders of the fundamental interests of Syria.”

This means that supporting even a small faction of the Syrian opposition spells supporting terrorists.

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  1. December 20, 2012 at 10:41 am

    It is the nature of media channels to filter news that accords with the ideological perspective of its country’s oligarchs. In the UK we have the BBC which is a mouthpiece for bourgeois upper classes that maintains a narrative in accord with their history of military rule over the poor and weaker citizens of the world. I believe it was set up with the dual purpose of being a public broadcasting service in the exoteric sense of ‘public’ while serving the interests of the elite with an esoteric agenda. So, my doubts are always afloat when I read ANY news report about anything that is happening abroad and I advise people to keep a diligent and watchful eye on how news reports conflict with each other.
    Having said that I know that the Western news wire is controlled by 4 major agencies who are all integrated into the US/UK/Isaeli military intelligence networks and that their delivery method is not surprisingly reflective of the monoculture of Imperialism.

  2. October 4, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    Under the guise of a reluctant campaign to rid the free world of an international terrorist threat from the organization IS (otherwise known as ISIS and ISIL) the U.S. and Israeli military leaders managed to coerce NATO members and other nations’ leaders into backing an illegal bombing campaign on Syrian soil by the U.S. and some of it’s Arab allies without the expressed permission of the target country’s president, Bashar al-Assad or a U.N. resolution.

    But what came as a surprise to many and as a slap in the face to some, was the fact that one supposed enemy nation of Israel and a non-friendly ally nation of the U.S. (and so-called friend of Syria) participated as well…

    Iran may not take part in the actual bombing campaign in Syria as the two nations often fight together in other wars that threaten their territories but it seems that Iran is now in an awkward position to announce it will join the campaign against IS in Iran and Iraq but not in Syria, or that it will participate in the fighting in Syria without Assad’s knowledge or permission. (unless of course, Assad does give Iran permission to bomb in his territory, and just may do so). Iran’s oil exports to the EU countries and the newest pipeline route may be in the balance since the war in Ukraine against Russian interests, provided Iran with the option of an working on an alternative pipeline route as well as expanding it’s customer base for it’s oil exports.

    Will Assad allow the bombing campaign on his soil so Syria can get on the coalitions good side? Appreciate the help fighting against IS? Gain a piece of this new pipeline (at the risk of upsetting relations with Russia?).

    Russia was quick to reply that it does not support the bombing campaign in Syria without a U.N. resolution and warned that the campaign may be perceived as an act of aggression and could hurt relations between countries involved.

    Will Putin allow this campaign to happen uninterrupted if the sanctions against Russia are lifted and eastern Ukraine gains it’s independence? Or will he defend his neighbor’s sovereignty? Supply more weapons?

    Will Ukraine have a say in any of this?

    A few other nations and NATO members (Canada, U.K., France) are waiting for Assad’s permission and a U.N. resolution before joining the bombing campaign against IS on Syrian soil. Some of these nations are the same nations that wanted to bomb Syria and rid the country of Assad’s rule just a few months or years earlier. Do they still?

    It looks like Assad has some important decisions to make and since a pipeline route and his own life and/or his presidency may be at stake, time may be of the essence.

    These strikes on Syrian soil may force together the strangest bedfellows since WW2.

    The EU countries may be chillin’ in the wings (or possibly all this winter) if a decision is not made soon. They are on alert. Turkey is ready, willing and possibly able.

    Will Assad come out of this and retain his leadership? His life?

    Will it matter if he cooperates? If so, for how long?

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