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NATO Recruits More Georgian Troops For Afghan War

Trend News Agency
November 21, 2012

NATO-Georgia Commission discusses new Georgian government’s priorities
N. Kirtskhalia

Former general David Petraeus visiting with Georgian troops in Afghanistan

Tbilisi: The NATO-Georgia commission meeting discussed new the Georgian government’s priorities. As the North Atlantic Alliance’s website reported, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen noted that the parliamentary elections held on Oct.1 were assessed to be free, fair and up to democratic standards. He said that Georgia had passed an important test.

Rasmussen recalled his meetings both with President Saakashvili and Prime Minister Ivanishvili last week, stressing the importance of cooperation.
“Allies welcomed Georgia’s commitments to take defence reforms forward and continue on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration,” Rasmussen said.

He thanked Georgia for increasing its contribution to ISAF in Afghanistan.


Trend News Agency
November 21, 2012

Georgia increases its military contingent in Afghanistan
N. Kirtskhalia

Tbilisi: In October of this year, Georgia increased its military contingent, which participates in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), up to 1,571 people, Georgian Defense Ministry said.

At present, two Georgian battalions are deployed in Helmand province: the 12th Battalion of the First Infantry Brigade and the 32nd Battalion of the Third Infantry Brigade. The 32nd Battalion is in Afghanistan as part of its second rotation.

According to the Defense Ministry, Georgia along with Australia, the military contingent of which is 1,550 people, is one of the non-NATO states which makes great contribution to the ongoing operation in Afghanistan.

Georgia has lost 18 soldiers in Afghanistan after the country joined the NATO-led operation in November 2009. Seven of them died in 2012.

The Defense Ministry did not announce the number of those soldiers, who were injured in skirmishes in Afghanistan.

Defense Minister Irakli Alasania will visit the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan on Nov.22. He will fly to Kabul from Brussels, where he will attend the Georgia-NATO Commission meeting.


Civil Georgia
November 20, 2012

MoD: 1,571 Georgian Soldiers Serve in Afghanistan

Tbilisi: Georgia has doubled its contribution to NATO-led ISAF operation in Afghanistan to 1,571 servicemen starting from October, according to the Georgian Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Georgia currently has two battalions in the Helmand province of Afghanistan – the 12th battalion of the first infantry brigade and 32nd battalion of the third infantry brigade; for the latter it is a second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Figures provided by the MoD mean that Georgia is currently one of the largest non-NATO contributors to the ISAF operations together with Australia, whose contribution includes an annual average of 1,550.

Georgia has lost a total of eighteen soldiers in Afghanistan since joining the ISAF mission in November, 2009, seven of them this year.

The Georgian MoD declines to reveal number of soldiers who have been wounded in action in Afghanistan.

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  1. November 21, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    why use the noble sounding term “service” or “servicemen” when you mean occupying military troops?

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