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Japan, China Heading Toward Armed Conflict?

China Daily
September 11, 2012

Japan’s further provocation

The Japanese government has thrown down the gauntlet before China. China should take it up with an iron resolve and crush any Japanese act of aggression.

The Japanese Cabinet decided officially on Monday to bring China’s Diaoyu Islands under Japanese control, and the Japanese government is considering striking a deal soon with the “owner” of three of the islets that it wants to purchase.

The decision came a day after President Hu Jintao admonished Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda not to proceed with the “nationalization” plan.

Japan’s action reveals outright disregard for our efforts for peace.

If being reasonable is no longer the right way to deal with the Japanese, we must prepare for a worse, and perhaps the worst, scenario, no matter how reluctant we are to do so.

Concrete actions are needed to show we won’t retreat an inch from our duty to protect our sovereignty over these islands. Japan is turning the Diaoyu Islands into an area of conflict and is making it impossible for China and itself to have a normal relationship.

On Monday, Noda claimed that the Japanese government will bring the islands under stable and peaceful management.

That was sheer nonsense.

A thief is never a legitimate owner of stolen property. The Japanese government is not entitled to the Diaoyu Islands. These islets, regardless of claims that they are “owned” by a Japanese individual, a local government or a state, are a part of China.

It’s certainly questionable if the Japanese government will prove capable of keeping them stable and peaceful.

A general election is expected to take place in Japan in November. Several of the political heavyweights who are aspiring to become the next prime minister of the country already have their eyes on the Diaoyu Islands.

Nobuteru Ishihara, secretary-general of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party and the eldest son of the right-wing Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, is one of those who are hoping to ratchet up the tension.

Whatever the motives are behind Japan’s attempts to “nationalize” the Diaoyu Islands, Japan is not and will never be the legitimate owner of them.

China publicized the territorial sea baselines of the Diaoyu Islands and other islets on Monday. Chinese boats will patrol them regularly.

Japan should prepare to face the consequences of its actions.


China Daily
September 11, 2012

China’s military vows to defend Diaoyu
By Zhang Yunbi

China’s armed forces on Tuesday vowed unwavering determination and will to guard its territorial sovereignty, in a statement issued by the Defense Ministry.

“We are closely watching the development of the situation, and we reserve the right to take countermeasures,” Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng told reporters on Tuesday.

The Chinese military expressed strong opposition and protest against the Japanese government decision to “nationalize” China’s territorial Diaoyu Islands, the spokesman said.

The Diaoyu Islands and affiliated islets have been China’s territory since ancient times, this is supported by historical facts and jurisprudential evidence, and the Japanese government’s so-called “purchase” of the Diaoyu Island is totally illegal and invalid, Geng said.

“In recent years, Japan has resorted to various excuses for arms expansion, triggered frequent tension in the region, and continually embarked on provocations over the Diaoyu Islands issue, which deserves high alert from its Asian neighbors and the international community,” Geng added.


Xinhua News Agency
From Agencies
September 10, 2012

“Absolutely no concession” on Diaoyu Islands, says Chinese premier

Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday the Diaoyu Islands are an inalienable part of China’s territory and China will “absolutely make no concession” on issues concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Despite repeated solemn representations of China, the Japanese government announced Monday it would “purchase” part of China’s Diaoyu Islands from “private Japanese owners” and bring the islands under “state control.”

Also Monday, Premier Wen pledged China won’t back down on issues surrounding the Diaoyu Islands.

“The Diaoyu Islands are an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the Chinese government and its people will absolutely make no concession on issues concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Wen said while addressing an inauguration ceremony for a statue of late Chinese leaders Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.

China has repeatedly told Japan that it holds a firm stance that the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent islets have been an inalienable part of China’s territory since ancient times, and that any of Japan’s unilateral moves against Chinese nationals is illegal and invalid.

“The Chinese government and its people cherish their country’s hard-won national sovereignty and dignity more than anybody,” Wen told the students, noting that China has maintained such a firm and unyielding character even in situations of extreme hardship.

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