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Interview: Global U.S. Drone Warfare Sees Dangerous Expansion

Press TV
September 7, 2012

‘Global US drone warfare sees dangerous expansion’


The recent spate of U.S. drone attacks inside Yemen signals a deadly expansion of drone warfare around the world by the U.S., says Rick Rozoff, manager of the organization Stop NATO in Chicago.

“The steady and brutal and ruthless escalation of these attacks in Yemen should sound an alarm to the world. The world has to demand an immediate end to these illegal, immoral and deadly attacks,” Rozoff said by phone on Thursday.

Hundreds of Yemenis including youth activists on Monday, September 3, rallied in the southeastern province of Hadramout against U.S. drone strikes in the country, demanding the government take action to halt the killing of civilians in botched air raids, witnesses told Xinhua.

The protesters staged a massive demonstration in Hadramout, chanting slogans and displaying placards with anti-U.S. statements to protest U.S. drone strikes in the country.

Four prominent tribal leaders also joined the demonstration, shouting “No for killing innocent people” and “End alliance with the U.S. government,” witnesses added.

On Sunday, September 2, a U.S. drone strike against al-Qaeda members in central Yemen mistakenly killed at least 13 civilians, a provincial police official said. A total of 29 people dead in 8 days has put the U.S. drone war in Yemen in overdrive.

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