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The Diabolical Designs Of U.S. Drone Banditry

The Frontier Post
August 24, 2012

US drone banditry

As the UN special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism has demanded of the United States to open itself up to an independent probe into its use of drone strikes or let the United Nations do it, Pakistan too has served a strong demarche on it over its stepped-up drone incursions into Pakistani tribal territory, especially the North Waziristan Agency.

Drone attacks are not acceptable in any case as these constitute not only a violation of international laws but also an assault on Pakistan’s sovereignty, said a protest missive handed over to a US embassy official by the Foreign Office yesterday.

But will the United States hearken to these protesting voices? You must be joking. Not even an outside chance. For, America thinks that being the world’s sole superpower it is above every international norm, rule and law.

Others it demands must abide by that international regime strictly but itself it will not.

It strikes the odious notes of exceptionalism and expects all others to respect it as being an exceptional country and an exceptional people, not liable at all to any international laws and conventions or any international justice system, whereas it expects others to be duty-bound to follow them.

Then why would it change its course when it finds its drone banditry so effective in perpetuating its adventurism abroad without putting its own soldiers’ lives at any risk at all? Why would it care for the UN that it uses as its handmaiden or for Pakistan that it deems to be its enslaved colony?

They may cry, but they will simply be crying in the wilderness. Not a leaf would flap in Washington. Indeed, as the criticism of its drone banditry is increasingly escalating worldwide, it has put more punch in its thuggish adventurism.

Not only does President Barack Obama now personally approve the targets to be struck by the drones. He has also decreed that anyone in the vicinity of an intended target will be deemed a combatant, even if a civilian, and hence liable to be slaughtered justifiably.

So the warlords of the United States don’t give a damn if the people killed in their drone attacks are real terrorists or innocent civilians. And indeed the data compiled by human rights workers show a heavy toll being exacted on civilian lives in these barbaric drone assaults.

Some terrorists may be killed. But many more among the massacred are innocent children, women and men having nothing to do with militancy or terrorism.

Yet the American warlords are continuing with this savage carnage without any qualms. International laws stipulate that every effort must be made to arrest criminals and bring them to justice. But they find it more convenient just to eliminate them, not least for fear of the eliminated spilling the beans if caught alive and brought to justice.

After all, those on the kill list of the American warlords are the ones who were once their protégés and proxies. And it would not be in any way wrong to assume that with this drone adventurism at this point in time they are indeed pulling a fast one on Pakistan.

In their drone strikes on Eid days in North Waziristan Agency, they slaughtered some two dozen people. And if the media reports are any guide, the slaughtered were all people of Hafiz Gul Bahadur, the militant commander holding a peace accord with the Pakistan military. The American warlords’ game plan appears to be to alienate him from the Pakistani state and push him towards the TTP [Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan] fugitives now holed up in parts of the North Waziristan Agency and the bordering Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan to the great grief of Pakistan.

Whose proxies these TTP fugitives are is anybody’s guess. The American warlords are thus up to a very diabolical game. And the Islamabad establishment would be very foolish if it doesn’t expose their demoniac scheme to the world community. It must open up its tight lips and speak out the home truths at every available forum at home and abroad.

Mere demarches won’t do. Already, with their drone banditry they have turned a lot of our tribal compatriots against the Pakistani state. And with the drone adventurism over these recent days they are spawning troubles in our tribal areas that ultimately will prove very disastrous for our country and the nation.

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  1. Hoarsewhisperer
    September 1, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    There’s a bizarrely ludicrous aspect to Obama’s so-called Drone Wars.
    It’s the spectacle of a self-described Superpower which blusters about Full Spectrum Dominance but then exposes FSD as a half-baked daydream by blithely slaughtering civilians from a safe distance by remote control, and routinely losing wars it instigates whenever the “enemy” puts up a fight.
    What’s so Super (or full spectrum) about that?

    A US drone malfunctioned (or was hacked) over Iran 9 month’s ago much to the delight, and enlightenment, of Russia, China and Friends. If the ‘Iranian’ drone was hacked then it’s only a matter of time before anyone who wants a drone can have an American one for the price of some fancy radio gear.

  2. Michael
    September 1, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Wait a minute, did not Barack Hussein Obama, 44 th and incumbent U.S. President, receive Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?
    He has also been fervently running most expensive re-election campaign for the last two years financed by international banking mafia, dubbed “to big to fail” who in turn have impoverished countless hundreds of millions people across the globe!
    Perhaps, next time Obama will create new category for Nobel Prize Committee:
    Most accomplished global Drone Banditry!
    He would have no competition at all!

  3. Kathleen
    September 2, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    The “benefits” of the the RPA, remotely piloted aircraft, are described here.

    One of the “benefits” one may not have thought of for the RPA is short job commuter time. This pilot trainer, a new mother, describes this aspect as “truly great.”


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