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East China Sea: U.S. Backs Japan As Military Confrontation With China Nears

Global Times
August 27, 2012

Diaoyu slowly drifting into crosshairs

The PLA Nanjing Military Region has been conducting a navy-air force joint exercise in the East China Sea. The drill comes against the backdrop of military exercises between the US and Japan in defending the Diaoyu Islands.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has stressed that Washington will cover Diaoyu as part of the US-Japan Security Treaty. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has repeatedly stated the possibility of deploying Self-Defense Forces in the Diaoyu conflict.

The drill of Nanjing Military Region, whether it is a routine exercise or is considering Diaoyu, has come at the right time.

Japan’s increasingly radical approach over the island disputes is pushing the Diaoyu issue toward a military confrontation. The Japanese government is dangerously fanning the flames in East Asia.

Both China and Japan should be cautious in mentioning military clashes. Creating a war scenario should be a taboo for officials. Japan has to be clear that the hatred of Japan’s invasion is still buried in the Chinese consciousness. A rising China will by no means allow military humiliation by Japan to happen again.

World War II is long over for the Chinese. But Japan repeatedly reminds us of that history. Tokyo has never honestly faced that war. No sincere remorse can be felt in its attitude toward China. On the contrary, it tries to make up for defeat in the past with new sources of conflict with its neighbor.

If a new war breaks out between China and Japan, it may well take on an aspect of revenge. Let it be said, however, that China has no plan to square up with Japan. Hatred toward Japan has been a topic of restraint in Chinese media and in remarks by officials. On the Diaoyu issue, Japan has repeatedly mentioned the deployment of Self-Defense Forces.

Japan mustn’t go too far in provoking China. Japanese officials should think twice before uttering provocative words. In modern history, all the conflicts between China and Japan were caused by Japanese invasion. Japan has no right to attack China bitterly as it does today. The Chinese public has boundless antipathy toward Japan.

While both sides are claiming sovereignty over Diaoyu, Japan is escalating the situation as its Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto warned against Chinese side moving one millimeter closer to Diaoyu and threatened the use of Self-Defense Forces. It is inviting the participation of the Chinese navy.

The wise strategy for Japan is to keep the conflict under control. Japan will pay a huge price if it continues this insanity.

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  1. rosemerry
    August 27, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Japan acccepts the US continuing occupation of Okinawa and the US orders as if WW2 was just over. Now the USA again interferes to provoke China (as it does with other islands to provoke Russia) instead of minding its own business. The USA is the main impediment to world peace.

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