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U.S. Drone Strikes Prompt Pakistan To Strengthen Ties With Russia

Voice of Russia
August 9, 2012

US drones strikes prompt Pakistan to strengthen ties with Russia
Jared DeLuna

As anti-American sentiment grows in Pakistan, one retired Pakistani General believes it is time for Pakistan and Russia to build stronger ties. With the war in Afghanistan spilling into Pakistan, Brigadier Nadir Mir believes America needs to stop overstepping its bounds. The recent drone attacks in Pakistan have put a strain on the very fragile relationship between the two countries.

“The drone strikes are not only an attack on land but also on Pakistan’s sovereignty. They lead to extremism and radicalism, as many innocent people get killed or injured. Pakistan has regularly warned the USA to end drone strikes. The attacks have resulted in increasing anti-Americanism. The strikes are counterproductive, they help produce more militants then they kill.” Brigadier Nadir Mir told The Voice of Russia.

However, the general also believes that America and Pakistan can rekindle their ties, if only to a certain extent. He states that bringing peace to Afghanistan is in a great interest for both countries.

“Pakistan and America can rekindle their ties to an extent; the strain in ties is due to US War in Afghanistan spilling over into Pakistan. Efforts should be made for negotiated peace in Afghanistan, a stable but unoccupied Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan, USA, Russia, China and everybody else.” He added.

Will making a pact with Russia be fruitful for Pakistan? Brigadier Nadir Mir certainly thinks so. “Russia and Pakistan can help create consensus in the entire Central Asian–West Asian region for peace and geo-economic bonding.”

Pakistan clearly is looking to become a major economic player in the world as it aims to bring in support from China and other neighboring countries.

China has already spent hundreds of millions in developing Pakistan, creating new trade routes into their own country as well as spreading their own influence.

According to Brigadier Nadir Mir, Russia is the obvious step in creating a new world power for Pakistan. “By joining a pact with Pakistan, Russia and China can establish an economic power house.”

Brigadier Nadir Mir also states “Pakistan is located at the crossroads of empires. Geo-economically it is a ‘bridge state’ between multiple regions, geo-strategically; it is the ‘interposing state’.”

According to Brigadier Nadir Mir, America’s war is not the only reason for Pakistan seeking stronger ties with Russia. The fact of the matter is, America is an ocean away, and Russia is logically a powerful neighbor that they wish to embrace.

“For decades Pakistan has been an American ally which is oceans away. Russia is much closer. Moscow and Islamabad need to build a stronger relationship.” He added.

No matter how we look at this, America seems to be losing its influence around the world. As China and Russia pick up the pieces, America will be trying hard to rekindle any ties it had with Pakistan as well as other countries in the Middle East and South Asia.

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