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Interview on Syria, Turkey and U.S.-dominated global order

Progressive Radio News Hour
July 26, 2012

Stephen Lendman

Audio at bottom of the page

Rick Rozoff’s an activist, anti-war supporter, and editor of the web site Stop NATO.

It “document(s) and oppose(s) global militarist trends and an expanding theater of war that began” by balkanizing Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

It then expanded to South Asia, and now ravages the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

Major world and national issues will be discussed.

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  1. Michael
    July 27, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    The “NEW World ORDER” begun with financial strangulation resulting in high devaluation of currency, followed by high inflation and huge unemployment that awakened old passionate historic rivalries emboldened by “western” rhetoric and arms. Nationalisms blossomed culminating in a bloody dismemberment of once peaceful, united and prosperous Yugoslav Federation between 1991 and 1999.
    It continued with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya Syria and Iran (Russia, China and Brazil in very near future) following the same script and prescription for mass murder of innocence with NATO always ready for action to spread death and destruction.

    “In the end” Hegel stated over 200 years ago “it will be how it was in the beginning”, meaning “the New World Order” will result in dismemberment or balkanization of its
    principal founders for it was not new but very, very OLD DISORDER!

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