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Stop NATO: Digest for July 13-July 21

Stop NATO: Digest for July 13-July 21

Why NATO States’ Syria Resolution Failed Again

Rebel “Storm” In Damascus: Reality Or A Show?

U.S. Plans To Act Against Syria Outside UN Troubling: Russian Diplomat

Russian Envoy On Syria: More Western Geopolitics Than Humanitarianism

Syria and Bulgaria: U.S. Double Standards on Terrorism

NATO Praises Libyan Puppet Regime, War

NATO Supports Suicide Bombers

Opposing Military Interventon: China, Russia Veto Third Syria Resolution

Interview: Ukraine Dragged Into NATO

U.S. Missile Shield May Spark Chinese Nuclear Upgrade

March on Damascus: Precedents

Mali: Next Victim Of Western “Peace Crusade”

Nothing Civil about Washington’s War on Syria

Experience of NATO States Provides Stark Warning To Scotland

Scotland: NATO and Nuclear Hypocrisy

U.S. Extends NATO Interceptor Missile System Into Persian Gulf

Interview: Call for global outcry against U.S. drone killings

U.S. Policy in the Balkans: Imperial Ambition or Side Issue?

U.S. Dilemma In Encircling And Targeting China

Pentagon Accelerates Carrier Group Deployment To Persian Gulf

U.S. Drones Recognize No Miranda Rights

Strategically Timed Syrian Massacre

Afghan Endgame: The Dilemma

NATO Supplies And The Common Man

Montenegrin Prelate: NATO Should Break Up

Washington’s Man in Tripoli

Clinton Engineers Expansion of Asian NATO to Contain China

U.S. Intervention Not Conducive To Asia-Pacific Stability

Another Congo War

Paraguay: Velvet Coup

NGOs On Steroids: U.S.’s “Victory Without War” In Russia

August War? U.S. Deploys Fourth Aircraft Carrier To Persian Gulf

NATO Not Delivering For Gulf Cooperation Council

The Template: NATO Consolidates Grip On Former Yugoslavia

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  1. July 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Thank you Richard for all your efforts in bringing people up to date with the ongoing war planning by the New Roman Empire. I only have time to scan read your journal but the picture you paint is strikingly reminiscent of a major pre-war showdown posture which of course is the outcome of maintaining a runaway arms industry.
    I am in the middle of puting together a video to kick off the “Forum for the Criminalisation of Weapons Manufacturers” blog and will be dipping into the news about NATO as source material from time to time.

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