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Russia Prepared To Respond To U.S.-NATO Interceptor Missile System

Russian Information Agency Novosti
June 14, 2012

Putin: Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense

KORENOVSK (Krasnodar Territory: Russia has every possibility to provide proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“We should look forward and give response [to these plans] in a timely manner,” Putin told servicemen at a Russian air base.

“Of course, our partners should better not do this [implement their missile shield plans] as this move would drive our response,” he added.

The president stressed that regardless to the rhetoric western politicians use to describe the shield deployment plans, “this remains a part of the arms race.”

“We have every possibility to provide a proper response,” he said.

In liaison with this, Putin stressed the importance of timely implementation of state defense orders. “We must implement state defense orders strictly on time, with the necessary quality and at reasonable prices. If we do it, there will be no particular threat to us.”


June 14, 2012

Russia ready for arms race, prefers to avoid it – Putin

While Russia has every capability to adequately respond to the deployment of the US missile defense system in Europe, Moscow would prefer Washington’s plans to be reviewed, says President Vladimir Putin.

No matter what terms the American side uses, the missile defense shield “is still an element of an arms race,” the Russian leader pointed out.

“We should look into the future and respond in a timely manner (to the advancement of these plans),” Putin said. “Certainly, it would be better for our partners not to do it, because this will evoke our response,” he noted, adding that Russia has “every possibility” of providing it.

He named government defense contracts among priorities in that respect.

“We must meet our government defense targets exactly on time, with due quality and at acceptable prices,” the president stressed, as cited by Interfax. “If we do, there will be no major threat against us.”

The statements were made during Putin’s meeting with servicemen from the 393rd air base of the Russian Air Force in the Krasnodar Region.

Earlier in June, during a trip to Paris, Putin reiterated Moscow’s stance on the European missile defense plans, saying that it needs legally-binding guarantees that the system would not be directed against Russia.

“Statements like ‘Don’t be afraid’ and ‘We promise that nothing will happen’ are clearly insufficient in the modern world. This is childish. We need guarantees and serious agreements in the security sphere,” he told reporters.

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  1. Michael
    June 14, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Like a passage from scary fairy tale “Do not be afraid, nothing bad will happen to you” said wolf while salivating over frightened Red Cap/Russia….
    “Then, Why do you have large eyes and big teeth?” she asked:
    “To see you and eat you up”……U.S./NATO, I mean wolf replied!

  2. Charles
    June 23, 2012 at 1:31 am

    On target Micheal,but what amazes me is these intelligent people will not,or can not,sit and
    work though diplomatic matters without the threat of total annihilation of the world.These are
    ignorant individuals who have the mentality of 5 year olds.I fucking can not believe the
    foolishness that come from world leaders.These SOB,s CRAZY………………….

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