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NATO In Chicago: Another World Without War And Injustice Is Possible

World Future Online
May 24, 2012

NATO In Chicago: Another World Without War And Injustice Is Possible
By Luis Gutiérrez Esparza

Original in Spanish

CHICAGO: The NATO summit ended in this city with an apparent show of solidarity around President Barack Obama and the U.S. government. Reflecting the globalization of the formerly intended ‘Atlantic’ alliance, which has become a world police and army in the service of transnational Washington and its European allies. The event was attended by special guests such as Jordan, Qatar and Armenia.

In fact, the only agreement was that they agree: not as to the departure of NATO troops that have occupied Afghanistan for ten years, as some want to be fast and short, others, gradual, and the U.S. government prefers a fake response: lets “train” the Afghans with our troops there, as well as large contingents of mercenaries, members of private security companies.

Various civil society groups in the U.S. held a counter-event for ‘Peace and Economic Justice’, on Friday 18 and Saturday 19, in The People’s Church, attended by organizations from around the world to witness the emergence of a global movement against war, militarism, inequality and poverty, which represents the majority of the inhabitants of the planet.

Poverty, inequality and militarism are forms of violence that constitute a vicious circle, which must be broken for the survival of humanity. Each of these evils is fed by the others, all must be challenged. All three are in NATO, a military alliance linked with the interests of several of the richest and most powerful nations.

Participants at the counter-summit spoke up to say that one must “oppose war, embrace peace and demand that imperial compulsion is replaced by the understanding of our global interdependence and the flowering of genuine democracy, which in turn will promote a greater inclusion, equity and justice for all.”

The search for an alternative vision for a more peaceful world is inextricably linked to economic justice, social justice and environmental care. Militarism sustains and strengthens national and international economic systems which are unfair and represents one of the main obstacles to solving the most pressing world problems.

The increase in military budgets under the pretext of safeguarding peace is an offense to people who lack the bare minimum to live with dignity. NATO, which has never been a defensive alliance, has invaded distant countries such as Afghanistan and Libya, with disastrous effects, and has been extended to the borders of Russia, causing the threat of a new nuclear arms race, and intends to go further, to Africa, East Asia and the Pacific.

Because the United States is the main force in NATO, Latin America is also threatened by the alliance. And the decision in Chicago to keep the nuclear option as a valuable resource in case of conflict affects the future of humanity, its very survival, and the ecosphere.

Military budgets that are increasingly generous and their involved wars, along with the austerity policies promoted by the G8, channel more wealth to the 1% overall, and privatization and deterioration of public services is increasing due to unemployment and a steady decline in the quality of life of human beings.

Militarism encourages further corporate globalization, seeking control of natural resources, land and markets, and subverts democracy and human rights. It is a drive bad for migrant workers, who leave their countries in search of a better life. It generates huge profits by selling arms to all stakeholders.

Another world is possible and necessary. One with peace, economic justice, a new dimension of human security and equality among nations in opposition to imperial ambitions. NATO tries to avoid it. The counter-event proposed and promoted it.

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  1. rosemerry
    May 24, 2012 at 5:54 am

    If only rationality and commonsense would prevail, but we see it in few of our leaders (except in Latin America) and the rich push their vision of inequality even more. Good post.


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