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Chicago Summit: NATO To Eliminate Russian, Chinese, SCO Obstacles In Central Asia

Trend News Agency
May 18, 2012

Key issue of Chicago NATO summit
Arzu Naghiyev, Trend expert
Edited by RR

Azerbaijan, Baku: A new stage is beginning in the development of NATO, and it is known that the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) are among the obstacles that could hinder this development.

For its part, the United States signed an agreement with the Afghan government under the pretext of security. The treaty called ‘The New Strategic Pact’, includes its execution in 10 years.

Under this agreement, the U.S. government plans to allocate $2 billion to Afghanistan each year.

This means NATO will engage in a large ‘trade’ and if they declare the successful completion of the Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2014, the U.S. understands that it isn’t so in reality, because they see that there is no production.

The country lags behind in its development and authorities have lost their control function outside Kabul.

In this situation, the idea that NATO troops are an invariable force which might create peace in the region is cultivated in the countries of Central Asia (and of course, China and Russia), by which means the fear is spread that the Taliban will head towards the north, that is, in the direction of Central Asia. That is the reason why the leaders of Central Asian states have been invited to the summit in Chicago.

Now it becomes clear that NATO is not going to leave Afghanistan in the next ten years. In this case, they need the territory of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries to place their own military bases.

Since the movement of machinery, equipment and personnel in both directions is very important, the U.S., by getting rid of all the other ‘obstacles’, will try to extend its zone of influence. However China and Russia hinder the United States in achieving this goal’ which means that this obstacle also affects NATO.

The main objectives of the Western leaders, especially the United States, who are waiting for the heads of Central Asian states, is the intention and hope to obtain consent for the creation of new military facilities in the region. It is firstly necessary to place military forces and equipment intended for the withdrawal from Afghanistan and, secondly, to keep the border regions with Afghanistan under close control.

Thus, the key task of the NATO summit in Chicago is to seal the fate of Afghanistan and NATO’s relations with regional states after the withdrawal of the international coalition forces from Afghanistan in 2014 to a single direction.

Although the presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are invited to participate in NATO summit to be held on May 20-21, for the first time they do not think they will participate. Their spokesmen supported this information. However it is expected that their foreign ministers will participate in the event. It is still unknown at what level Tajikistan will participate.

President Barack Obama has pursued the goal of immediate meetings of heads of NATO member states in Chicago by transferring the G-8 summit from Camp David to Chicago (May 18 – 19).

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the prime minister will participate in the summit of the ‘Big Eight’ G8, which will be held at Camp David on May 18 -19, but he will join then to participate at the NATO summit.

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