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Afghanistan: Five Children Among 20 Killed In NATO Air Strikes

Pajhwok Afghan News
May 7, 2012

Children among 20 killed in ISAF air raids
By Zainullah and Abdul Latif Ayubion

LASHKARGAH/QALA-I-NAW: A mother and her five children were among 20 civilians killed in two separate airstrikes in the southern Helmand and northwestern Badghis provinces, officials said on Monday.

The first incident took place late on Friday when an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) helicopter missed its target and dropped bombs on a house in the Fatih Mohammad Pech area of Sangin district in Helmand, the governor’s spokesman said.

Daud Ahmadi told Pajhwok Afghan News instead of striking a militant hideout, the foreign forces killed a mother, her three daughters and two sons. The governor’s office has dispatched a delegation to the area to investigate the incident.

Governor Gulab Mangal condemned the mistaken raid and asked NATO-led troops to immediately probe the killing, his spokesman added.

In response to an emailed query from Pajhwok, ISAF said: “We are aware of an allegation of civilian casualties in southern Afghanistan and currently gathering all the facts in order to be able to make a full assessment of the situation.”

Separately, 14 civilians were killed and six others wounded in another airstrike by the international forces in Bala Murghab district of northwestern Badghis province.

The raid occurred on Sunday night in the Nawboor village, said acting provincial police chief Col. Ghulam Nabi. The incident was under investigation, he added.

Foreign soldiers, trying to capture Taliban commander Mullah Abdullah Soori, who sought refuge in the village, bombed the place and killed 14 civilians and injured seven others.

“The helicopters of foreign forces bombed two houses in the village,” a resident said on condition of anonymity. He had no details about casualties.

Meanwhile, the ISAF media office confirmed the operation. However, it was not aware of civilian casualties. The 50-nation force said three militants were killed in the airstrike, the first since March 21.

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  1. rosemerry
    May 8, 2012 at 5:50 am

    I know this keeps happening, so becomes banal, but how can this be accepted, Searching for a Taliban commander in his own land fighting against an invader, the “good guys” kill 14 morefghans. To what end? Even if the militant is guilty of some misdeed, how is this “helpful”, to use the CRice/HClinton mantra?The USA wants to make the world in its image-violent, full of prisoners, lacking decent education and health services, militarised, destroyed. It is well on the way.

  2. Patrick K
    May 8, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    This country’s military and high level government NEVER learns from decades of war and intervention in other countries through out the world. This must be brought to an End withdrawl of ALL troops… they are killing more innocent people than so termed Insurgents and most of the World is hostile and alienated by U.S. and Western NATO military occupations and drone assaults. Peace and pray for Nonviolent revolution-Justice.

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