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Yellow Sea: China, Russia Begin First Joint Naval Drills

Xinhua News Agency
April 22, 2012

Russia-China joint naval exercise starts

QINGDAO: Russian naval deputy chief of staff Rear Admiral Leonid Sukhanov announced here on Sunday the official start of the joint exercise with the Chinese navy.

Ding Yiping, deputy commander of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, delivered exercise tasks.

This marks the first naval drill between China and Russia, following four military exercises involving the two nations since 2005.

The April 22-27 drill, taking place in the Yellow Sea off China’s east coast, involves a total of 16 vessels and two submarines from Chinese navy and four warships from Russian navy’s Pacific Fleet as well as three supply ships being summoned for the exercise.

The exercise will focus on joint maritime air defense and defense of marine traffic arteries, including subjects of joint escort, maritime search and rescue, anti-submarine tactics as well as joint effort to rescue hijacked vessels.


Chinese, Russian warships gather for joint drill

QINGDAO, April 21: Chinese and Russian warships gathered at the eastern Chinese harbor of Qingdao Saturday to prepare for a joint exercise, slated for April 22-27 in the Yellow Sea.

A total of 16 vessels and two submarines from Chinese navy have been summoned at Qingdao of east China’s Shandong Province, including five missile destroyers, five missile frigates, four missile boats, a support vessel and hospital ship. Together with them are 13 aircraft and five shipboard helicopters. Full story

Joint navy drill to boost China-Russia military ties: senior Chinese officer

BEIJING: An upcoming China-Russia maritime drill will further promote strategic coordination and mutual trust between the two militaries, a senior Chinese military official said Tuesday.

Chen Bingde, Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), made the remarks while discussing bilateral miliary ties and the imminent joint drill in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Nikolai Makarov.


Voice of Russia
April 22, 2012

Russia, China start joint naval drills in Yellow Sea
Mikhail Aristov

Russia and China started joint naval drills in the Yellow Sea on Sunday. The six days of the Naval Interaction-2012 drills will see the participation of a total of 20 warships and supply ships, as well as combat aircraft. During the war games, the two countries’ sailors will communicate in Russian.

The exercises will involve several simulated missions, including the rescue of a hijacked ship, the escort of a commercial vessel, and the defense of a convoy from air and sea attacks, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said on Sunday. For his part, Anatoly Klimenko, deputy head of the Center of Strategic Problems of Asia and Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries, said that the war games’ aim is to handle interoperability of the two countries’ navies to jointly maintain security in the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden.

“Right now, pirate attacks are not uncommon in the Yellow Sea, the South China Sea and the southern part of the Indian Ocean, which is why the current Russian-Chinese drills are taking place in the Yellow Sea,” Klimenko says. “Russia and China have held an array of joint military exercises since 2005 as part of their strategic collaboration within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which has repeatedly called for fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism.”

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the National Defense magazine, says that despite the fact that Russia is not China’s military ally the two countries have regularly held joint war games.

“China is not Russia’s military ally either, which is why speaking of our armies taking part in joint military operations is irrelevant,” Korotchenko says. “But as strategic partners, we want peace and stability on our borders,” he adds. “In this regard, the two countries holding joint drills and military consultations adds significantly to boosting ties between Moscow and Beijing,” he concludes.

A Russian naval task group includes the Varyag missile cruiser, three Udaloy class destroyers and three fleet support ships. As for the Varyag, it is equipped with sophisticated multi-purpose missile system which is capable of destroying land and surface targets. The warship is also equipped with several anti-submarine mortar systems and torpedo launchers.

The drills are due to be wrapped up on April 27 which will see Russian and Chinese sailors hold a naval parade in the Yellow Sea.


April 22, 2012

Russian, Chinese warships start joint exercise in Yellow Sea

MOSCOW: Russia and China start on Sunday the naval exercise “Sea Cooperation-2012” in the Yellow Sea, Itar-Tass learnt at the press service of the Russian Defence Ministry.

“The plot of the joint war games of the Russian and Chinese navies provides for accomplishing a set of tasks on organising joint defence and cooperation in ensuring security on sea lanes,” the Defence Ministry noted.

“The war games will be conducted in two stages and will round off on April 27. The first stage provides for resolving the tasks of basic preparation of headquarters and ship crews, and the second – training sessions of warships will be staged at specially pinpointed sea areas,” the press service specified.

“The information exchange on high seas between Russian and Chinese warships will be made only in the Russian language during the active phase of the ‘Sea Cooperation-2012’,” the Russian Defence Ministry emphasised.

The Russian side musters for the war games a force of Pacific Fleet warships, consisting of the missile cruiser Varyag, the big anti-submarine ships Admiral Vinogradov and Marshal Shaposhnikov and auxiliary ships as well as the big anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet Admiral Tributs and auxiliary ships.

Deputy chief of the Main Staff of the Russian navy, Rear Admiral Leonid Sukhanov is responsible for the exercise from the Russian side.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, training of the joint headquarters of the exercise on conducting practical actions as well as training on communications between the joint headquarters and command points of forces of Russian and Chinese warships will be carried out during the war games.

Russia and China regularly conduct joint naval exercises. The largest Russian-Chinese war games on high seas were mounted in 2005 over the past decade. The Chinese side mustered over 60 surface ships and submarines, and the Russian – around ten warships, including two submarines.


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