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Letter: NATO Should Just Go Away

Joliet Herald News
April 17, 2012

Letter: NATO should just go away

From the ashes of World War II rose the great superpower rivalry — the Cold War between the U.S. and Soviet Union. The U.S. formed NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The U.S.S.R. formed the Warsaw Pact, building up the largest concentration of military machines ever, along the Iron Curtain.

Eventually, the Soviet Union went bankrupt and the Cold War came to a screeching halt, scrapping the Warsaw Pact.

So what’s happened to NATO? To my amazement, it’s grown larger, with soldiers all over the world and no end in sight. The U.S., already nearly half the world’s “kill power,” combines with NATO nations for a whopping three-quarters of the world’s military spending.

The four big NATO wars: Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan are outside the defense of the original borders in violation of the treaty, and further agreements are being broken as NATO pushes missile systems inside former Soviet territory.

These wars have been one lie after another, and the results have been considerably less than a resounding victory. As soon as we start ignoring the disaster of one war, NATO is ramping up for another.

As with the Warsaw Pact at the end of the Cold War, why in blazes didn’t NATO just go away? Most press coverage of the pending NATO summit in May focuses solely on the supposed violence of protesters — as if we now need NATO to keep them from overthrowing the government.

We all need to meet in Chicago on May 20 for that summit at McCormick Place to ask why NATO should even exist. We need to agitate for scrapping NATO before it bankrupts us on another cold war or, worse, another world war or little wars that add up to a really big war.

Gary Jones

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  1. Michael
    April 18, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    I absolutely agree with you.
    However, I fear that NATO became a monster completely out of control of its masters.
    In the process NATO will be the main cause of global, nuclear war of total annihilation.
    In the interest of global PEACE, NATO must cease to exist, by ALL means possible!

  2. J. Lindsay Kellock
    April 20, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Canada spent $25 billion on the NATO bombing of Libya, while a grotesque austerity is forced on Canadians. More cuts, ostensiby cutting the “fat” in our social fabric, are daily announced. Meanwhile, new fighter planes will cost $25 billion in present day dollars. And we don’t even grow bananas here …

  3. John Blythe
    May 2, 2012 at 5:12 am

    NATO should be clearly defined as the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”. Each time they have waged a war on a sovereign country, there has been an increase in violence and destruction. Furthermore, the wars on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were never a threat to the national security of the United States or any NATO member country. This is in clear violation of NATO’s own charter, Article 5 which states “an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all countries”.

    The only time this was exercised was the 9/11 terrorist attack, yet the NATO charter did not specify any attack relating to a terrorist organization such as al-Qaeda. NATO was clearly established as a defense force against the Warsaw Pact aligned under the control of the USSR. When the USSR crumbled in 1991, NATO should have been disbanded, yet since the end of the Cold War, the United States and NATO has been embroiled in more wars of the later part of the 20th century and into the 21st century, then at any time during WWI or WWII combined. The initial agreements between the US and the USSR was that NATO would not indoctrinate former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO, but the US stabbed Russia in the back, once again. This is clearly a way to destabilize both Russia and China’s influence on other nations as world superpowers.

    We also need to clearly look at the US and NATO’s real intentions and it is the intention of regime change and privatization of minerals and resources in these countries.

    Take a look at Yugoslavia, both during the 1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and then in Kosovo in 1999. Why was the US so keen on intervening in the Balkans, but there was no intervention in Rwanda or in Congo (when Zaire fell apart) or in the East Timor, where more people were being subjected to genocide? A closer look at Yugoslavia tells us that Kosovo in particular had rich unlimited resources including zinc, copper, gold and magnesium that western countries wanted to privatize and Halliburton had a huge government contract to build Camp Bondsteel and set up the Trans Euro Corridor 8 oil pipeline. It is also a fact that several of the 9/11 hijackers fought both in the Bosnian War and in the Kosovo War against the Serbs. Our own FBI and US State Department listed the Kosovo Liberation Army as a terrorist organization in 1998 because of its ties to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, yet just one year later, the US and NATO decided to wage an illegal and destructive war against Yugoslavia for three months and essentially supported those terrorists. The bombing campaign for such a small country (consisting of Serbia and Montenegro, FR Yugoslavia was maybe the size of the State of Georgia) took three months and so-called legitimate targets included schools, bridges, churches, hospitals, Chinese embassy, Hotel Yugoslavia, the Belgrade Administrative building, the Usce Tower and a cigarette factory. Do these sound like legitimate NATO targets? We also know that former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic refused to cooperate with the IMF, World Bank and the United Nations on economic policies instigated by the United States and they wanted him removed.

    In Iraq, this was a similar situation just prior to the US led invasion of that country in 2003. In 2000, Saddam Hussein wanted to trade oil exports in Euros, rather than depreciating US petro dollars. Furthermore, Halliburton sought once again to receive a major government contract to build a military base there and restore Iraqi oil. In 2003, when the US and NATO invaded Iraq, they did not target nor bomb the oil refineries near Kuwait. Less than a month later, oil exports were traded in petro dollars again. We were told Saddam Hussein had WMD’s and ties to al-Qaeda. All of this was a lie. Now, Iraq is a breeding ground for al-Qaeda and there are car bombings every other day. The entire country is virtually uninhabitable.

    Recently, in Libya, we had yet again, history repeat itself and a continuing pattern just like in Iraq and Yugoslavia. Moammar Gaddafi for many years tried to boost relations with the United States and diplomatic relations were moving in a positive direction in recent years until our gas prices in the United States began to rise. Make no mistake about it. Gaddafi’s introduction of a gold African dinar was introduced in 2010, not only to trade oil, but to help the impoverished nations of Africa. When this happened, once again, the US and NATO moved in with the agenda to take control of Libyan oil. The Libyan uprising, though some of it was legitimate, was infiltrated by al-Qaeda terrorists yet again. This was verified in subsequent BBC interviews and US State Department records including ‘rebel leaders’ that fought in Afghanistan against American soldiers. The US and NATO bombed Libya for nearly nine months until Gaddafi’s execution. Yet further bombings included killing innocent children, hospitals, homes, and mosques and NATO’s presence in Libya was almost an entire year, even though the country only had three principal cities. When the war was over, the price of gas in the United States began to decline. Yet nobody in the news media wants to report on the rebels executing and committing genocide against the minority African American population of Libya or the fact that they declared Shariah Law which is not a form of democracy and al-Qaeda raised a flag in the city square of Tripoli.

    Why is the US and NATO waging war in these countries over so called “humanitarian efforts” when there was NO intervention in Rwanda, Congo, East Timor, Darfur-Sudan, the Ivory Coast or Myanmar where human rights abuses and genocide was far worse? The real reason is these countries have something of value. Do you think we would be in Iraq or Libya if their largest export was broccoli or bananas? No way.

    Its time to get rid of NATO and protest against the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and demand that this organization be held for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the populations of countries from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the Former Yugoslavia.

    As Ron Paul would put it, “stop destabilization, stop policing the world and stop imperialism.”

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