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NATO Summit: $55 Million To Turn Chicago Into Armed Camp

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Submitted to Chicagoist

Regarding your recent feature “NATO Summit Security Spending Tops $1 Million,” the million dollars spent to date on security for the May summit of the North Atlantic military alliance is only the first installment of an estimated $55 million to be spent on hosting at least 50 heads of government and state and their secret service and military entourages.

The federal government is to provide an estimated $19.1 million and corporate donors $36.5 million.

Your article mentions the first of an eventual 9,000 face shields for Chicago police. In January Crain’s Chicago Business reported that “elite marksmen” and [f]ederal and state SWAT teams” will be deployed to the city as well.

Past NATO summits have transformed their respective host cities into veritable armed camps – quite in keeping with the aggressive warfighting, occupation and subjugation force that the bloc has become over the past thirteen years.

Three years ago at the 60th anniversary summit, for the only time held in two countries, France (Strasbourg) and Germany (Kehl), the latter two nations gave their citizens an object lesson in what NATO occupation looks like.

Der Spiegel reported that 15,000 police were deployed on the German side and another report estimated that 12,000 were stationed in nearby Baden-Baden (with a population of only 54,000) alone. The first source revealed that “the German army, the Bundeswehr, is supporting the security operation with interceptor planes [and] transport helicopters.”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur announced beforehand that 600 Bundeswehr troops were to be mobilized and “German warplanes are to patrol the airspace over the summit venues while NATO will deploy AWACS surveillance aircraft” in what the government identified as a “zero tolerance strategy.”

Citizens of Kehl and Baden-Baden were subjected to curfews for the two days of the summit, only permitted to leave their homes with a police escort.

On the French side of the border, 10,000 barriers were erected in Strasbourg and as many as 45,000 police and troops and 70 helicopters and two AWACS surveillance aircraft were deployed.

A Reuters dispatch published before the summit began, aptly titled “Strasbourg turns into fortress for NATO,” related that “Anti-aircraft guns have been installed near the city, and there will be a temporary no-fly zone, while traffic on the Rhine will also be halted.”

Le Monde reported that all shopkeepers and residents in the city were obligated to wear badges during the summit.

France spent an estimated $147.4 million protecting the world’s most formidable collective military grouping…from whom or what it was never disclosed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama are portraying the upcoming meeting of the world’s only military bloc, and notably the only one perpetrating acts of war far from its members’ borders, as a benign affair, as the equivalent of hosting a Rotary Club convention or the Dalai Lama.

It will be nothing of the sort.

An aggressive military alliance acts as what it is and Chicago will soon be exposed to what that can mean.

Rick Rozoff

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