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Comment: When will NATO be abolished?

Comment posted to WBEZ 91.5
Chicago Public Media

Re: NATO in the 21st Century: Hearing both sides of the debate

It is to be hoped that at least one of the four presenters will indict the North Atlantic military bloc as the lawless, aggressive, constantly expanding threat to the post-World War Two international political order and security system it is rather than merely participating in a cordial, academic confab weighing the comparative pros and cons of the bellicose Western axis launching wars at will as far away from the North Atlantic Ocean as the Balkans, South Asia and North Africa, dividing and destroying nations in sanguinary rampages from the former Yugoslavia to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Libya to the Gulf of Aden.

And completing the military encirclement of Russia, with Iran next and China after it, replete with an extension of the U.S.-NATO European interceptor missile system into the Persian Gulf, the South Caucasus, India and the general Asia-Pacific region.

For anyone committed to ensuring world peace and demilitarization, the end of military intervention against small and defenseless nations around the world, nuclear and conventional disarmament in Europe (and the rest of the planet) and a stop to international great power bullying and gangsterism, the only subject of discussion is: When will the true world community come to its senses and demand that NATO be abolished?

Rick Rozoff

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