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Stop NATO news: March 26, 2012


800 NATO Staffers, Personnel To Inspect Chicago Ahead Of Summit

Afghan Soldier Kills Two NATO Counterparts

Afghan War: 88 NATO Soldiers Killed So Far This Year

NATO Commander Praises Qatari Emir For Libyan “Liberation”

Seoul: U.S., Georgian Presidents Meet In Private

U.S. Denounces Abkhaz, South Ossetian Elections

NATO Enlargement Bill Introduced In U.S. Congress


800 NATO Staffers, Personnel To Inspect Chicago Ahead Of Summit


Chicago Tribune
March 25, 2012

NATO staffers to check out Chicago
Hundreds to visit the city this week to figure out logistics of May summit
By Kathy Bergen

Hundreds of NATO staffers are visiting Chicago this week to scope out the city in advance of the May 20-21 meetings for the security alliance, according to the city’s host committee.

Word of the visit came as a Chicago delegation, including members of the host committee, returned from NATO headquarters in Brussels.

As many as 800 personnel from NATO and its 28 member countries will arrive in Chicago to become more familiar with the layout of the city and the McCormick Place convention center as they plan the logistics of the summit. Some were to arrive as early as Sunday, with others coming midweek, summit planners said.

In May, delegations from as many as 50 countries totaling about 7,000 people, as well as about 2,500 journalists, will descend on the city to hold two days of meetings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. With the U.S. Secret Service overseeing security for the event and the large number of world leaders requiring top-quality hotel suites, preparations for motorcade transportation and organizing lodging have been complex, summit planners said.

Last week, the White House highlighted a couple of events during the summit: a “working dinner” at Soldier Field on the evening of May 20 and earlier that day a tour of the Gary Comer Youth Center on the South Side led by first lady Michelle Obama for spouses of NATO dignitaries.

NATO’s 28 members are from Europe and North America, but leaders from other countries affected by the policies of the alliance typically attend the meetings as well. This year’s summit, hosted by President Barack Obama, will focus heavily on the future of western military intervention in Afghanistan.

A Chicago delegation, led by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s wife, Amy Rule, spent last week at NATO headquarters promoting the virtues of Chicago as a business and tourist destination. The NATO weekend was to be a double summit until Obama decided last month to relocate the G-8 economic summit to Camp David. City officials continue to bill the NATO meetings as an opportunity to shine a global spotlight on Chicago.

Tribune reporter David Heinzmann contributed.


Afghan Soldier Kills Two NATO Counterparts


Russian Information Agency Novosti
March 26, 2012

Afghan Soldier Kills Two NATO Soldiers

Moscow: An Afghan soldier opened fire on NATO troops in the south of the country on Monday morning, killing two soldiers, local media reported.

The incident occurred at a military base in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province.

“The gunman was shot and killed,” Al Jazeera reported, quoting NATO spokesman Major Jason Waggoner. He declined to provide further details.

Twenty soldiers from coalition forces in Afghanistan have been killed by Taliban sympathisers in the Afghan National Army and police since 2002.


Afghan War: 88 NATO Soldiers Killed So Far This Year


Khaama Press
March 25, 2012

Explosion kill NATO soldier in southern Afghanistan
By Ghanizada

NATO-led International Security Assistance Force officials following a press release on Sunday announced a NATO service member was killed following a roadside improvised explosive device explosion in southern Afghanistan.

The statement further added the incident took place on Saturday in southern regions of the country.

ISAF did not disclose further information regarding the exact location of the incident and nationality of the deceased soldier.

The International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan generally does not disclose the identities of NATO service members who are killed in Afghanistan, saying, “It is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities.”

This comes as another NATO service member was killed following an insurgent attack and 5 others were wounded in western Afghanistan while another NATO service member died of non-battle related injuries in eastern Afghanistan.

At least 88 NATO service members including 51 US troops, 11 British troops and 26 soldiers from the other countries have been killed since the beginning of 2012 in Afghanistan.


NATO Commander Praises Qatari Emir For Libyan “Liberation”


Gulf Times
March 26, 2012

Nato commander hails Qatari forces’ role in Libya’s liberation
By Ayman Adly


Bouchard also highlighted the role of the media in the success of the mission, especially the Al Jazeera news channel, BBC and CNN.

“We have to tailor our media to target different segments of people, officials, troops and mercenaries,” said Bouchard hoping that means of popular social media such as YouTube, Facebook and email should be utilised in future operations.


Lieutenant General Joseph Jacques Charles Bouchard, Nato Commander of Operation Unified Protector, praised the guidance given by HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Kalifa al-Thani during the operations describing his decisions as wise and courageous.

He pointed out that the Qatari forces provided the much needed culture information and understanding in a timely manner.

“They provided us with a strategic understanding of the Arab point of view of this, which was very important for leadership,” clarified the commander, adding: “We are proud of Qatari forces’ performance and this is justifiable from all perspectives.”

“Let’s continue to tell Nato how the Arab world works and continue to further interact,” he urged hoping that communication should be continued in this respect.       

In a lecture about the role of the Qatari forces in the operations in Libya, Bouchard explained the factors that contributed towards the swift [?] and sweeping success of the operation. He summed these up as effective co-ordination, instant and continuous communication and timely response based on reliable surveillance and reconnaisance.

“It was critical and we needed speedy action. We had only three weeks ahead to move our troops and build our headquarters,” he remembered…

Nato forces comprise 28 different nations belonging to different cultures and subcultures. The situation in Libya then demanded that all take part and swiftly contribute all that they could offer in a timely and well-coordinated manner. This was both highly challenging and rewarding, according the Nato commander.

Operation Unified Protector was conducted in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which made the culture situation rather sensitive. Participating Qatari forces were highly instrumental in this respect. They bridged the culture gap between the Nato forces and local Libyan fighters achieving better understanding.

Bouchard also highlighted the role of the media in the success of the mission, especially the Al Jazeera news channel, BBC and CNN.

“We have to tailor our media to target different segments of people, officials, troops and mercenaries,” said Bouchard hoping that means of popular social media such as YouTube, Facebook and email should be utilised in future operations…

“It was a tremendous success story. We have developed great relationships with our friends, especially the Qataris and it is important to continue this to maintain better co-operation,” he said…

Speaking at the programme, Lieutenant General Ralph Jodice II, who acted as combined air component commander for Nato during the operation, said that Qatar and the UAE were the first to drop ammunition for the operations in Libya…

The lecture delivered yesterday in Doha was attended by the HE the Chief of Staff of Qatari Armed Forces Staff Brigadier General Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah, HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah, HE the Attorney General of Qatar Dr Ali bin Fetais al-Marri, a number of senior officers and commanders of the Qatari Armed Forces and Nato and some Qatari military students.


Seoul: U.S., Georgian Presidents Meet In Private


Trend News Agency
March 26, 2012

Georgian, U.S presidents meet in Seoul
N. Kirtskhalia

Tbilisi: Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and U.S. President Barack Obama met in private in South Korea, prior to an official dinner within the Nuclear Security Summit, “Rustavi 2” reported.

As is known, the Georgian President is attending the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, which is also attended by the leaders of 54 countries.

Saakashvili has already held several meetings. Within the forum he is also scheduled to meet with leaders of various countries and representatives of international organizations.

President Saakashvili is also planning to address the forum. The main topic of discussion at the meeting will be mechanisms to ensure the safety of nuclear materials.


U.S. Denounces Abkhaz, South Ossetian Elections


Civil Georgia
March 26, 2012

U.S. Does Not Recognize Abkhaz, S.Ossetia Polls

Tbilisi: The U.S. embassy in Tbilisi said in a statement that Washington “recognizes neither the legitimacy of the de facto ‘elections’ held in the Abkhazia region on March 24, nor those in the South Ossetia region on March 25.”

“Georgia’s large number of citizens displaced from their homes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia were unable to participate in the polls, nor are they able to return to their homes,” the statement reads, which also reiterates the U.S. support to Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We further urge Russia to fulfill all of its obligations under the 2008 ceasefire agreement, including withdrawal of forces to pre-conflict positions and free access for humanitarian assistance to Abkhazia and South Ossetia,” it said.


NATO Enlargement Bill Introduced In U.S. Congress


Civil Georgia
March 25, 2012

Georgia in Congressman Turner’s NATO Bill

Tbilisi: After U.S. Republican Senator Richard Lugar introduced the NATO Enlargement Bill, Republican Congressman Mike Turner followed suit by introducing a companion bill in the House, designed to encourage further expansion of the Alliance.

The bill, NATO Enhancement Act of 2012, calls on President Obama to “lead NATO efforts” at the Chicago Summit in May to provide “a clear roadmap for the granting of a NATO Membership Action Plan (or other equivalent plan) to Georgia”, as well as to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I call on the Administration and my colleagues in Congress to recognize that countries such as Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Georgia should be afforded NATO membership,” Turner said.

The bill, if approved, will make Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro eligible to receive U.S. assistance for NATO accession under the 1994 NATO Participation Act and will reauthorize assistance under the same act for Georgia and Macedonia, plus will add other measures as well, including “sales of defense articles and services necessary to maintain sufficient territorial self-defense capabilities in accordance with every nation’s right to self-defense.”


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  1. rosemerry
    March 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    “U.S. Does Not Recognize Abkhaz, S.Ossetia Polls” surprise surprise.
    So now NATO is to expand a bit more, till only the “enemies” are excluded. No room for peace or diplomacy.

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