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Somalia Could Be Next NATO Target With Leaked Document

World Future Online
February 20, 2012

Somalia Could Be Next NATO Target With Leaked Document

Below are extracts of a leaked draft of the ‘London Conference on Somalia’ due to be held in London on 23rd Febuary 2012. Such conferences are the start of troubles for the concerned nation and this leaked document indicates that Somalia may be the next target of ‘exporting’ democracy to Africa and the Muslim world.

The ‘draft’ indicates that: The London Conference on Somalia took place at Lancaster House on 23rd February 2012, and was attended by around fifty representatives from the international community and from Somalia itself.

The draft continues: Advances by other forces have liberated areas formerly held by Al Shabaab. And at sea, international action against piracy has secured the international trade route in the Gulf of Aden.

‘So we met in London to take stock, and to take decisions which will sustain the momentum of change. We wanted to show Somalia and the world that there is solidarity among the international community; that we are committed to supporting Somalia’s continued emergence from its former status as a failed state; and that we recognise the importance of new actors on Somalia, especially Turkey and Qatar, in helping Somalia’s future development.
Humanitarian [Language to be amended by DFID and other humanitarian actors]’

And once again, it is Turkey and Qatar that are being ‘booked’ to play the role of the ‘spies’ that would lead the way for future NATO bombing and killing of innocents and Somali fighters?

Besides revealing that NATO and the ‘international community’ will depend on Muslim nations to deal with Somalia, the draft indicated that the Conference was preceded by a separate meeting on ‘humanitarian’ issues.

And then, the leaked document – the meeting is supposed to take place on 23rd February – start to tackle the real issue: The Political Process!

“We agreed that the transition must end, and that the political process must now connect with the people of Somalia. We considered how the international community could support Somalis to accelerate decision-making on their future political structures. In this context, we noted the conclusions of the African Union Summit that: …… We made clear that nobody would agree to the roll-over of the Transitional Federal Institutions in August. We were interested in process not individuals. We called on the Transitional Federal Institutions to make as much progress on the Roadmap as possible before August.”

And all these were agreed well before the meeting! Hence the fate of the Somali people now hangs on the good deeds of Turkey and Qatar. If the Qatari and Turkish regimes feel there is need for a ‘military’ intervention to push the ‘humanitarian’ agenda, then surely NATO will have all its weapons of mass destruction at its disposal!

Read the complete report here: http://arsparty.com/?p=395

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  1. rosemerry
    February 22, 2012 at 8:15 am

    We considered how the international community could support Somalis
    Always ther when you need it- the international community of the USA and selected poodles.

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