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Libya: A Brutal, Gratuitous Slaying, the New World Order in All Its Transparent Barbarism


Voice of Russia
October 22, 2011

“A brutal, gratuitous slaying”
John Robles

Interview with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO website and mailing list and contributing writer to www.globalresearch.ca.

How are you today, Mr. Rozoff?

Rather distressed by the news of this morning. Or yesterday morning in your case.

Ok, what is your first impression?

It was a brutal, gratuitous slaying of an almost 70-year-old man, killed after being captured. And if the intent of 216 days of NATO bombing was to kill him in the first place, which is clearly the case, with the multiple bombings of his compound in Tripoli, which in one case killed one of his sons and three grandchildren, it is clearly targeted killing and I suppose NATO can now claim success. It has got what it wanted.

President Barack Obama said that there is going to be a pull-out from Libya very soon, so in your mind does that mean the objective has been met?

Yes, it has entirely. Regime change, take-over of Africa’s largest oil reserves, the incorporation of Libya, which hitherto had been the only North African country that was not a member of NATO’s so-called Mediterranean Dialogue, into what is now according to Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen a military partnership with the North Atlantic Alliance…So in every sense their objective has been accomplished. It’s certainly nothing that is going to benefit the Libyan people.

You don’t see this as being justice for the oppressed Libyan people? I mean there are people saying that Gaddafi was a terrible guy. He killed thousands so he deserved to die.

There is just so much – what term do I want to use? – low taste, gratuitous reveling in the murder of this man, who was born 70 years ago in the very city he was murdered in on the 216th day of NATO’s bombing of his country. He was born under Italian Fascist occupation and he died under NATO occupation. I think the parallel there can’t be missed, including the fact that Italy supplied some of the warplanes that have devastated his country since the middle of March, since March 19th. If he was the monster they’ve portrayed him as being – and I invite your listeners to go to the NATO website and see some of the crude caricatures of Gaddafi they’ve posted over the last few days – wall graffiti and so forth – portraying him in a demeaning and belittling way, to further dehumanize him preparatory to murdering him.

Alright, I saw some television coverage of his naked body being thrown around like a piece of meat. I am sorry for the expression.

Yes, after they brought him to Misrata. This is sickening, barbaric and worse than barbaric treatment and it’s in a long line of similar travesties. This is true with Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, with any leader of a country that doesn’t kowtow entirely. I am not putting all these people in the same basket. Let’s rephrase that. Any leader whose time has come according to the United States and NATO can expect death. Hussein was hanged, Gaddafi was shot. Whereas Gaddafi was considered to be – he was only nominally so, but he was considered to be – the head of state and even the head of the military, and the bombing of his private residences under the guise of their being command and control centers suggests that he was considered by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to be in charge of the Libyan military, when he was captured on Thursday his treatment was governed by the Geneva Conventions, but instead he was shot through the head and murdered. This is the new regime that is being implanted in Libya, and for all the West’s talk of the rule of law and humanitarian concerns and so forth this is a graphic image of its true intentions, just like the death of Slobodan Milosevic in a veritable dungeon in the Netherlands because he was denied proper medical treatment in Russia, and the grotesque hanging of Saddam Hussein. This is the image of the new world order, a world order in all its transparent barbarism.

What do you mean he was denied medical treatment in Russia?

Russia offered to make a deal with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to bring Slobodan Milosevic to Moscow for medical treatment, but he was denied that opportunity and he died shortly thereafter. Even more foul play may have been involved but the message is very clear.

Do you see a pattern, I am sorry to interrupt you there. Do you see a pattern here, I am sure you do, between Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and now Gaddafi? I mean, we have countries, for example, Hussein and Gaddafi, they pretty much stopped their weapons’ programs. They cooperated with the CIA, in this case from what I’ve heard, and it’s pretty much a given, Gaddafi was assisting the war on terror fight by the United States by allowing rendition flights to Libya. He stopped his weapons programs. Do you see a pattern here?

Yes, there’s a very clear pattern. That the United States and the North Atlantic allance use somebody for whatever purpose they want to and then get rid of them and kill them afterwards. Slobodan Milosevic, at political risk to himself inside at that time the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, played a role in negotiating an end to the armed hostilities in Bosnia, in gratitude for which his country was bombed for 78 days in 1999 by the United States and its NATO allies and subsequently he was left to die in prison.

He had a deal with the CIA, I think, it came out, and I think that it’s pretty much a part of the public record that he believed that he was going to be protected.

I don’t know the details about that but at the end of the day what we see is there are a lot of corpses and we see the killings of heads of state. We have to recall that, again, even though he was a titular, a nominal, head of state, Muammar Gaddafi was the longest reigning leader in the world. He was the last personal link – since Fidel Castro retired as president of Cuba – between the post-World War II national liberation struggles and the emergence of new nations during the Cold War era and the post-Cold War era that issued in NATO as an international military strike force that can topple governments at will around the world. NATO boasts on its website as of today of flying over 26,000 air missions over a country of six million people, with well over 9,000 of those being combat sorties. So this monster has been unleashed over the last 20 years and Libya will not be the last country so targeted. That you can be assured of.

What do you think is going to happen next?

I don’t know if Libya is able to be put back together again. The Western powers incited regional and tribal differences in order to topple the former Gaddafi government, and believing you can put that genie back in the bottle is overly optimistic – and disingenuous. With the military commander of the National Transitional Council [Abdel Hakim Belhaj] being somebody the United States incarcerated and interrogated as part of its “extraordinary rendition” program and a former fighter in Afghanistan, past leader of the so-called Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, you have al-Qaeda elements and tribal separatists – they’ve created real pandemonium here and now they claim that they want to stabilize Libya. I don’t see it happening. At the end of the day, with the alleged no-fly zone and humanitarian intervention, NATO has transparently waged a war against a government on behalf of insurgents, period. This was clearly the intent from the beginning and now it’s proven successful.

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  1. Felicity Arbuthnot
    October 22, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    This is a brilliant, succinct, no wriggle room summary of a shameful, disgusting, disgraceful mass slaughter, assassination, ruination of a nation (sorry, yet another nation) which drags us, the nationals, of all the countries who took part in to the gutter. It was done in our name and none of us even asked. (Surprise.) In a litany of horrors and illegalities over the last two decades, this has another special place in a tranche of criminal Courts.

    Well done for making it so clear. And with thanks for all you do for sanity.

    • Artemis Rose
      October 22, 2011 at 7:28 pm

      I concur 100% with your comments about the interview!

      Thank you Mr. Rozoff for all your wonderful humanitarian work and educating the masses with truth and facts!

      I’ve just sent this brilliant informative interview to my long email list and I hope everyone reads it!

      • richardrozoff
        October 22, 2011 at 9:41 pm

        Thank you in return for the generosity of your sentiments.
        The phone interview occurred on Thursday, the day of the killing.
        I had no time to prepare and warned the interviewer that if he put me on the air I would speak the truth.
        He was in agreement with that and what you’ve read is what ensued.
        It is only what I hope any, not so much informed, but decent and sensible person would feel about the crime.

    • richardrozoff
      October 22, 2011 at 10:08 pm

      Thank you very much. I’ve admired your own work for over a decade and your final sentence is one I would unqualifiedly apply to yourself. Let us perhaps start using the words moral sanity, a combination of ethical clarity and courage. And fundamental, visceral repugnance toward the arrogant and murderous behavior of the world’s “betters” – the former colonial club and the “world’s sole military superpower” (Obama) gathered under the banner of the NATO death star.

  2. Kathleen Welch
    October 22, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Mr. Rozoff,
    If it were not for your newslist and a few others I have been going to daily, my “worldview” would be limited to whatever the western media is spoon feeding, twisting or outright lying about on any given day. I will continue to let everyone I know about this news list and other sources of news, such as this 2 part interview of Soliman Bouchuiguir, the man who helped feed the UN the (unconfimed!) human rights violations necessary for the mission to begin. Lybia: Human rights impostors used to spawn NATO’s fraudulent war and many other great articles of Mr. Nazemroaya. In a democracy, the truth can be heard, but free press must be sought these days. We can not just wait for the western media to come and inform us accurately or truthfully, or to let it paint the whole picture.

    The NATO governments most especially the USA are out of control with those in positions of power at the very top acting without consent and impunity and massive arrogance with no regard for indigenous cultures. We are not the government of the founding fathers anymore nor are we even honorable anymore. I recognize I am included in “we.”

    Yesterday Albright was gloating about “no loss of life.” It sickens me that some people think only American lives matter. Tens of thousands citizens dead in Libya and we went in with a R2P? Hogwash, that is gargantuan immoral hypocrisy and not something to celebrate. I think the conclusion to draw is that the 3 part stated “mission” failed catastropically. These “mission statements” are a cover story for the dumb people in the west who believe anything they are told, my favorite example coming from Cameron and President Clinton with ‘The Serbians killed a 100,000 people!’ No confirmation was necessary, just ‘bombs away’. Christians in Serbia (and that includes Kosovo) can wait forever for a retraction of these and other defaming lies which were a cover for NATO’s own interests which were Bondsteel and points eastward…) Until then,(when justice is heard) good people everywhere will have to learn constantly what their government is up to and resist lies from the western media and government, no matter where or who they effect. (like Lybia and what looks to be Syria, the next path of NATO) Otherwise we are doomed to something besides democracy. I count your newslist as peaceful resistance and am considering speaking up more even though I am no one.

    Good people of the world, learn the truth and speak up! As we say in Chicago, early and often.

    Thank you very much for your work. It is appreciated and very necessary.


    • richardrozoff
      October 22, 2011 at 9:52 pm

      Anyone with your voice and convictions is someone. Someone that the world is in dire need of more like.

      Earlier this month Stop NATO posted a poem by Jorge Guillén about the bombing of his nation in the 1930s:

      There is another poem of his that contains this line:

      Yo soy nadie, yo soy nada, pero soy: I am nobody, I am nothing, but I am.

      Mahdi Nazemroaya is a hero of the rarest sort, one who was willing to sacrifice his life for the truth and his moral convictions.

      The NATO mechanized brutes are not done with the Serbians, either.

      I’m also in Chicago and the “vote early and often” quote is attributed to Al Capone – see the earlier recommendation by Artemis that his mug belongs on the American one dollar bill – who was precinct coordinator for Mayor William Hale Thompson at the time he uttered the comment. Now the Chicago machine (Obama, William Daley, David Axelrod, of late now-mayor Rahm Emanuel) is in charge of the nation and through the nation the world.

    • richardrozoff
      October 23, 2011 at 4:40 am

      Regarding your heartfelt statement that “We are not the government of the founding fathers anymore nor are we even honorable anymore,” a similar sentiment actuated the post of the movement from Dvorak’s New World Symphony a few days ago:


      A brief excerpt from Philip Freneau, America’s first poet, the poet of the Revolution, and the lyrics of an early song by Stephen Foster, perhaps still the U.S.’s greatest popular songwriter, were added to provide a reminder that we Americans were not always so resigned to, even passionately attached to, war and militarism.

      The fourth movement of Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony is one of the noblest, most inspiring pieces of music I’m familiar with.

      Towards its end one of its themes slows down to a wistful, even an elegiac, pace. Then slowly, arduously, but inexorably rises through the sorrow, the pain, the bitterness, the disillusionment – like a vast spiral of doves ascending to the heavens – in a note of assertion even beyond defiance, to the truly heroic.

      In another posting, selections from the Italian lyric poet Salvatore Quasimodo’s Nobel Prize in Literature lecture, this line occurs:

      “In every country a cultural tradition remains detached from this military movement.”


      During his stay in the U.S. from 1892-1895, Antonin Dvorak saw, heard and sensed something here that promised better than what the country was and surely better than what it has become. That’s why the selection mentioned above so appeals to me.

  3. October 23, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Totalitarian humanism and anarcho-tyranny. A dictatorship followed by chaos.

    • richardrozoff
      October 23, 2011 at 1:15 pm

      Accurate expressions – unfortunately – despite their seemingly paradoxical nature.
      Independent analysts outside the Greater NATOsphere (particularly in Russia) have described the American and allied global strategy of the past twenty years as one of managed or controlled chaos and “creative” destruction.
      The adjectives may not be apt but the nouns most definitely are.

  4. AR
    October 24, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Just when you thought that nothing could top the outrageous murder of Muammar Gadaffi, the United States engages in this obvious and brazen display of political damage control of this murder (and their own celebratory reaction):

    The US and Gaddafi: The murderer calls for an investigation of the crime

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